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ardodd asked 2 years ago

I am wondering why we are not being credited with points on Forum Topics and on Q&A questions?

  • As per the Revisions on the “Earn money on OC” Page it states we will receive Points for views to Forum Topics and views to Q&A questions.
  • Right now we are receiving those points.
  • Please Revise this Regulation for Points.
According to Regulations on
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hafiz786 answered 2 years ago

Yes, @ardodd you’re right. And thanks to threw light on this discussion/topic. @admin must revise these regulations. Many of these are older and need to remove from regulation’s page.

Answer for According to Regulations on
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Smith answered 2 years ago

You are correct. All of the old and unnecessary statements should be omitted by @admin. They are just creating confusions. 

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rei08 answered 2 years ago

The question that already closed need to deleted.

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Guddu answered 2 years ago

You are correct. @admin really need to revised all the statements. As, we cannot get points, if someone view our stuff. 

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hahuutrung answered 2 years ago

I also see the rules on this point, but do not see the application in the oc

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MirzaBilal answered 2 years ago

Rules have been changed. But @admin forgot to update the concerning pages. So that we are getting confusions for points and regulations.

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