@admin could you check my cashout record?

Questions & Answers@admin could you check my cashout record?
ardodd asked 3 years ago

@admin could you check my cashout record?
I accidently put 100.00 in the request to couple of days ago. And after I noticed I still had over 10000 Points I knew I had made a mistake. So I went back and put in the correct amount 10000.00 Points.
Today my account was refunded 100.00 with the reason that I had to have 5000 Points Minimum to CASHOUT.
And I knew I had went back and corrected it.
But now there is No Pending Transactions.
And I did not receive the Payment to my Paypal account yet.
Will it show up soon or will it be Monday before it shows up?
Thank you, 

Administrator Staff replied 3 years ago

Check your paypal email address, we have sent you a message.