Are Online Slots Safe?

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post2search asked 2 years ago
Flex replied 2 years ago

yeah their safe because of a fair gaming act or clause, but do be careful there are some that dont cashhout. And make sure you really read the requirments if you choose to play with a bonus.

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hafiz786 answered 2 years ago

Yes they are safe, if you’re really in a legitimate casino to play them.

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ardodd answered 2 years ago

Online Casinos Slots machines are just as reliable as slot machines in land based casinos.
You have to look at how well the slot machine pays out. And how often it pays. Say for instance if you play the slot machine for 10 spins and you only win 1 out of 10 spins and it is for minimum then I would find another one to play. Also lots of people have prefered machines, I would ask if anyone has good recommendations on some to play that maybe they have played.

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Smith answered 2 years ago

Personally I have not so much experience for the slots machines. But, as every member knows that @ardodd is one of the good gambler / player. So, if he said, yes these are safe just like in land-based casinos. Then of course, these online slots machines are safe. 

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mbach answered 2 years ago

yes of course, all the games in the online casino in setting such a way as to resemble the original game. no other on-line slot game. if we had hit the jackpot on the game in the form of online, it is the same as the shape of the offline casino slots game

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rei08 answered 2 years ago

beware of the site scam..
Deposit with a small amount.
make profit and try to cashout.
If that site paid to you,that a legal site..

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