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Not all businesses that offer networks that allow for the buying and selling of digital and physical goods are created equal. Very few can say that they’ve served over 14 million customers, and that they’ve thought ahead while doing so.

ClickandBuy can say just that.

They are a comprehensive website that allows for customers to make easy and succinct purchases while facilitating the needs of merchants to run their online stores. Couple this with the added security, the richness of the features that they provide and the high degree of integration 

What is ClickandBuy?

ClickandBuy is more than just a simple shopping website. It allows customers and merchants to come together in ways that make driving business easier while taking care of the minor details that might otherwise prevent purchases.

One of the main goals of ClickandBuy is to create a safe and convenient shopping environment for customers. They accomplish this buy creating an easy-to-browse list of shops and merchants, taking care of local currency conversion, allowing customers to budget for what they purchase and allowing most forms of modern transactions.

ClickandBuy even supports featuring shops with the latest and most customer-friendly deals on a special page of their website. This further helps to make ti easier for customers from all around the world to find exactly what they’re looking for.

To further their goal of providing a customer-oriented online shopping experience, ClickandBuy’s services are made to be as transparent as possible when the actual transaction part of the process is being conducted. Their procedures mimic those of online banking websites, which means that customers don’t even have to use a credit card to make their purchase. This familiar way of conducting business allows for customers to feel more at ease, and therefore more likely to purchase from merchants.

The information used in transactions and the information of customers and merchants alike are kept under tight lock and key. ClickandBuy’s security standard comply with those set forth by EU guidelines, the British Financial Conduct Authority, and leading credit-card companies like VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Their level of security is so high that it’s certified as PCI DSS Level 1, which is the highest rating given by the third-party security auditing institutions used by the aforementioned credit card companies.

The other goal of ClickandBuy’s implementations is to allow for trustworthy merchants to begin the e-commerce process with customers whom are interested in their products. In an age where digital scams run rampant, most customers are reluctant to purchase from third-party retailers who are anything but large, billion-dollar retailers.

The way ClickandBuy gets around this stigma is by creating a large network of trustworthy merchants that exist in a safe environment for customers to shop. This establishes a certain degree of trustworthiness that allows customers from around the world to shop for the products that they desire. The best part is that ClickandBuy’s shopping network is friendly to a wide variety of languages and nationalities, which means that it’s possible to see customers visiting a merchant that would otherwise have missed their store due to a lack of local publicity.

By creating a safe and flexible system that allows merchants to not only receive quick payments without fear of charge backs, like some other payment processors allow, ClickandBuy makes it easier for merchants to set up their own online businesses. Couple this with their low fees and the expedited way that their shopping process works to understand why ClickandBuy is preferred by many merchants.

The last major feature that ClickandBuy supports for merchants is the ability to integrate the ClickandBuy shopping system with those that merchants may already have set in place. They have step-by-step instructions for integrating their system into shopping systems like JTL-Shop and plentymarkets while providing open API access for merchants that may have a solution that was created uniquely for them.

ClickandBuy Makes Online Commerce Easier

ClickandBuy accomplishes their goal of simplifying and streamlining online commerce through a number of features that have already been explored. Their services can be invaluable to smaller business, but as their partnerships with business like the Apple iTunes store, and T-Online have shown, their versatility is valuable to even large retailers.

The versatility and ease that ClickandBuy gives to the online shopping experience is what makes them the preferred partner of over 16,000 registered online stores. The durability and customer-friendliness of their services can be seen in the 14 million customers whom have already use ClickandBuy to purchase their favorite goods and services online.

The last point that makes ClickandBuy interesting is the way that they view their services. Rather than just trying to provide a satisfactory and smooth experience for both customers and merchants, they are constantly trying to implement new processes and new strategies that keep their institution ahead of other e-payment providers. This is likely why they are one of the largest international full-service billing and payment institutions to date.

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