Who is GamCare?

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Who exactly is GamCare? GamCare is the leading advocate of victims of gambling addiction in the UK. GamCare is an organization that prides itself on its passion for fostering healthy gambling habits for those who want to safely gamble and treating victims of various gambling addictions.
GamCare prides itself on its welcoming approach to gambling advocacy and safety. They are an organization that doesn’t want to deter gambling for non-addicts, rather, they want to make gambling safer for responsible gamblers and victims alike.
They offer a valuable service to those who have been ravaged by their gambling problem. GamCare has resources and ways to reach them via the internet, phone and face to face via numerous centers all over the UK. GamCare hopes to expand their reach to cover virtually all of the UK and treat victims of gambling addictions.
Along with working side by side with gamblers within the UK, GamCare is also working to push legislation and regulations towards creating safe gambling environments. Gambling organizations and private individuals that want to be allies to GamCare’s objectives can do so through their certification program. Gambling industry groups can work freely with GamCare organizations to become better allies and advocates towards curbing gambling addiction and cultivating safe gambling habits within the UK.
How does GamCare Do it
GamCare offers many modes of outreach to communities in the UK. GamCare is reachable via telephone, online and in person. GamCare has a multipronged approach towards curbing gambling with at risk populations.
GamCare often works directly with government officials all over the UK. Their organization works very frequently to help people of many different backgrounds.
GamCare has been known to work directly with institutions of higher education, such as research universities to fund studies on the effects of gambling addictions. One of the recent conclusions that they have found is that there is a high correlation between gambling and personal debt.
They have also found that age is also a factor in gambling habits. GamCare found that gambling addictions disproportionally harms individuals under 24 years of age. Younger individuals are more likely to fall victim to gambling addictions, but are at the same time, they are less likely to ask for the help that they need. GamCare encourages people of all ages, especially folks of this vulnerable demographic to seek the help that they need in conquering their gambling addictions.
GamCare By the Numbers
GamCare conducted a British Gambling Prevalence Survey (BGPS) in 2010 that did an in-depth study of the effects of gambling within the UK. They were able to find a number of alarming statistics about gambling. For instance, 73% of adults in the UK have gambled in the past year since 2010. This is up over 5% percent from 2007.
They also found that 2% percent of 12-15 year old individuals in the UK have been documented to be victims of gambling addictions in 2009.
GamCare has also extended their sample to vulnerable and marginalized populations, such as individuals in prison and correctional institutions. Gambling in prison populations is around 10% for men and 6% for women.
How to Contact GamCare
People who are interested in getting treatment for their gambling problems can contact GamCare via online support, phone, and in person.
GamCare offers a ‘NetLine’ service which allows victims and interested parties to communicate online. NetLine is staffed by many caring and empathetic advisors that are well trained in treating individuals. They can be reached from 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week for residents of the UK. Individuals who aren’t available during those hours can also consult the GamCare forums which are functional 24/7, year round.
Their phone number is 0808-8020-133. Users can reach this number in order to receive help through the phone, or schedule a person to person consultation if necessary.
GamCare does all they can to be a helpful resource for victims of gambling addictions. Feel free to reach out to them if you or someone you know is need of assistance in overcoming their gambling addiction.

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