how and when do one become compulsive gambler?

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Smith answered 2 years ago

When someone have become to face any kind of problems,troubles,and harms in his/her individual and mutual life just for the seek of gambling. And he/she has become so careless for others and also for himself from other aspects than gambling.

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hafiz786 answered 2 years ago

I have not so much experience for such people. Even I don’t any such member who is addicted for gambling. That’s why, it is very difficult for me to say anything.

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tinhcaca answered 2 years ago

I Think, maybe because they gamble too much or they encounter problems sad that in life that they know gambling

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Emmit Blackmon answered 2 years ago

Most people who become compulsive gamblers already suffer from some other form of mental illness or unhappiness.  People with addictive personalities are typically at risk for becoming a compulsive gambler.  Often someone will replace one addiction for another, thinking that it is a safe, harmless alternative to what they were addicted to to begin with, only to find that they become addicted to the new thing.
Someone who suffers from compulsive gambling, or any addiction, should consult a mental health professional to address the underlying mental problems that are causing them to behave in an addictive manner.  You can even get addicted to the internet.  We are only now realizing that internet, gaming, or other online activities can be a real addiction, and even destroy lives if left unchecked.  Anything that rewards the pleasure centers of the brain can, and usually will, become an addiction.  Studies have been done with lab mice, where they were introduced to cocaine as a reward for certain activities and it was found that the lab mice would choose cocaine over food, and even personal safety.

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ardodd answered 2 years ago

Thank you @Emmit for your full explanation of addiction. I dont know if I could of even come up with that much of a answer. I thank you for joining OC and contributing your expertise and knowledge.
As for knowing when one has become addicted to any form of gambling. One must realize that they have a problem before they can seek help. I at one time was addicted to video poker machines in casino’s and would lose even my rent to play. I did not realize what I was doing because of two things, one is the addiction to the sound and amuzement of the machine. It alone can make you mezmirized by the sounds and the posibility of winning more. I have set there and won hundreds of dollars and turned around and played it back to the casino thinking I will hit it big time and wind up losing it all and trying to play more buy giving them more to win it back.
I have lsot my whole paycheck at the land based casino’s play poker and blackjack along with slots. So it is not unrealistic but also one must look at a few things going on with themselves. As I did not know the saide affects of medications I was taking and did not read them. And to find out the biggest side affect was a urge to gamble without realizing what one was doing be fore it was too late.
So to help anyone understand it better there are ways a person can be a addict to gambling without realizing it because of medications.

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