How to Create (Step-by-Step Guide) for How to make Blog Comments

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hafiz786 answered 12 months ago
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Nice idea ! @admin should think about it and consider it to implement. 

ardodd answered 12 months ago
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Yes @hafiz786 I would agree that @admin should consider letting us or him create a (Step-by-Step Guide) Section where we or him could put useful guides and tips.
I know we don’t know everything but we do with what we know. And right now most of what we do is just simple things. Where as with a (Step-by-Step Guide) we can walk through each section and be able to explain it in detail better.
Right now we just post about whatever we can think of. But with the correct tools and guideance our post and q&a will follow along with @admin Blog. So it is a win-win for both of us.
Take for example:
I read about Paddy Power buying out Betfair so I made a Forum Topic about it. And what is different is I try to get members to read that Blog Article and then come to the Forum for it and discuss questions or give thier thoughts on it.See not only can we Post a Comment on the Blog but we can discuss it in the Forum to help each other. This way people could actually discuss the particulars about it like “How much more will Paddy Power make in Profit after merger?” So this way we can get a better idea of what the merger could do for us as players.  

Smith answered 11 months ago
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Very good suggestion @ardodd. @admin should think about it to implement on OC, as @hafiz786 said.

Guddu answered 10 months ago
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You are 100% correct; @ardodd. I also request to @admin for this section to add on this site. Where old members can help newbies, how to make comments etc.

hahungdung answered 6 months ago
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Early yes I wish this would have been applied in our oc

MirzaBilal answered 6 months ago
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No doubt  ! It’s a nice suggestion. There should be a guide posted by old and expert members to trained newbies for making comments in a beneficial ways.