Who is Neteller?

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Although the NETeller name is highly popular in many places throughout the world, you may not understand what it actually is. This method of e-payment is one of the older online payment services around. Here’s a brief look at what NETeller is and the features they offer customers. 

NETeller History

Though NETeller was founded in Canada in 1996, their services didn’t go into effect until 1999. They have since moved their headquarters to the Isle of Man and are overseen by the Financial Services Authority of the UK government. Their services are geared towards providing customer with the means to transfer money to certain business from the banking services they use. It was in the year 2000, only 1 year after their business went into operation, that they partnered up with a plethora of online casinos, allowing NETeller to act as a go-between for members of these casinos to use as a form of depositing and withdrawing their money. 

However, it was in the year 2006 that NETeller was deemed unable to provide their services to residents of the United States, following their relocation to the Isle of Man. This was also extended to users within Canada the following year. Today, they are one of the more popular e-payment services around, particularly for those using online casinos that are associated with the online payment company. 

NETeller Features and Security

NETeller offers a wide range of features and services to their customers. These services can be used in well over 180 countries throughout the world, which proves useful for those in smaller countries. Anyone that places money into their NETeller account will gain the ability to send money to other customers, as well as companies in exchange for products or services. 

One of their primary features is the NET+ Prepaid Card. This card allows customers to use the money within their NETeller account as a means of payment at many online and brick-and-mortar businesses, particularly all of those that allow MasterCard. One of the best aspects of this card is that it can act similar to a credit card, yet without any monthly or annual fees. It also allows customers to withdraw up to $500 daily if they need any spare cash. 

In regards to their security features, they guarantee their customers that all of their transactions are secure by using only the best technology, such as 128-bit technology, constant monitoring of each transaction and identity verification for those attempting to use NETeller payments. Their prepaid card utilizes these same security features, as well as the elimination of paper statements and fraud detection. 

Online Gambling and Supported Casinos

Though NETeller offers access to a wide range of companies with their e-payment services, it’s online casino customers that benefit the most, as many of these casinos utilize NETeller as one of their primary deposit and withdrawal methods for customers. Dozens of the most popular online casinos and betting sites from around the world make use of NETeller, with customers having the ability to use this service at casinos such as Fly Casino, Omni Casino and 32Red Casino. 

Deposits/Withdrawals and Registration Info

NETeller allows for deposits and withdrawals when using their service and accessing others. With a persons NETeller account, deposits and withdrawals are mostly instant, with some taking a bit longer on rare occasion. Deposits can be done with a typical debit or credit card, as well as similar services such as iDEAL and Ukash, while withdrawals can be taken out of a persons online casino account, at a large amount of ATM’s throughout the world and by using a NETeller prepaid card. A plethora of different currencies are accepted through NETeller, including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAN, PLN and nearly a dozen others. 

Registration is a very simple process, though requires a few important steps. For anyone that doesn’t live within the United States or Canada, it’s possible to sign up and create an account with NETeller by identifying the country of which you are located, as well as the type of currency you would prefer. It’s also required that anyone signing up with their service provides their correct e-mail address. Following this, each prospective member must then fill in all of the usual information for registrations, such as phone number, a chosen password and correct address. Following this, NETeller will send an e-mail to the user in order to confirm their creation of an account. 

Lastly, NETeller includes a beneficial rewards program for members that are the most active, known as the NETeller VIP program. Their are 5 tiers to the VIP program, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. With each level, members will receive more and more benefits, such as reward points, lower fees and cashback with each transaction.

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