What are wagering requirements?

OC – Questions & AnswersCategory: Online CasinosWhat are wagering requirements?
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hafiz786 answered 1 year ago
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Requirement that should be fulfil to play…

shirish5 answered 1 year ago
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Many online casinos give bonuses for joining and matching bonus on deposit these bonuses are accompanied by specific restrictions these restriction are called as wagering requirement.

laxmikanth answered 1 year ago
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wagering?? i dint get u

Smith answered 1 year ago
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I also don’t know about any kind of wagering requirement for any casino and game to play.

amirshad answered 11 months ago
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Mean all of requirements that fulfill condition to play.

zeeshanjutt777 answered 7 months ago
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You should explore the oc to find out these kinds of requirement otherwise contact to the admin.

Guddu answered 6 months ago
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I have also not so much knowledge about online gambling. I want to say thanks to @shirish5 to define it.