Who regulates internet based casinos?

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Smith answered 1 year ago
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Good question !. But sorry, I have no idea for that company or Govt. whatever that is. I think our @admin can give the right answer. 

hafiz786 answered 1 year ago
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I never tried to find about it till yet. So, I also don’t know. Sorry dear. 

shirish5 answered 1 year ago
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There is not a single body that regulates online casinos each country has its laws to deal with it.

kakafay answered 12 months ago
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for countries that legalize casinos there must be an institution that care, but for a country that does not legalize casinos certainly nothing

Emmit Blackmon answered 12 months ago
Answer for Who regulates internet based casinos?
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I don’t think there is any current regulation of gambling sites in the United States.  This is one of the problems.  It’s very easy for offshore, crooked companies to open up a site and take peoples money.  All they need to do is invest the money to make it look legitimate, and indeed make it legit for a few months, then when it’s got good reviews, etc…the customers put in their money, when the company feels they have enough, they take the money and close up shop.  The U.S. government can’t do anything about it.  This is why we need regulation in the United States, so that U.S. companies that adhere to the law can open up reputable sites.

ardodd answered 12 months ago
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@Emmit you are correct in your post. As of right now there is NO Governing Body for Online Casino’s. Now there is regulations that each state in the United States has that either is for or against Online Gambling. But most of that is aimed at Online Betting for US citizens.
Now there are several Governing Institutions in the UK that oversee the Gaming Industry.
Gambling Commission ( GC )
Horcerace Betting Levy Board ( HBLB )
Independant Betting Adjudication Service ( IBAS )
The Casino Operators Association ( COA )
@admin did I cover the most important ones for the UK?
But for the Gaming and Gambling Industry there is no One Body that Regulates and Decides on those Laws. I myself would like to see one made for the benefit of all Poker Players and Gamblers. As it would set precedence over all Rules and Regulations.
Will there ever be One for All Countries?
Because no one has a clue where of where to begin to define the Laws of Gambling. And set a standard for All Countries to go by. And look at it like this if you thought we had enough war right now then wait til you get a bunch of bureaucrat’s together to discuss Gambling. As it is right now there are so many major Gambling sites that are not for Rules and Regulations as they can decide what and who they answer to. So why vote to have one if you are free to steal from the lame and the blind.   

Guddu answered 9 months ago
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Thank you @ardodd for your great contributions. You answer is really valuable and very very informative for all of us. Today I am reading and hearing about the terms provided by you, first time in my life.

hahungdung answered 6 months ago
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your question very well, but these are not permitted to share members know all the information about the management of information security

MirzaBilal answered 5 months ago
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Thank you @ardodd for your great and useful efforts to share with all of us. I really learnt many new things today.