Why is this happening admin

uban_avatar asked 1 year ago
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Why is this happening admin, see the history of my points, I get Points for a new answer 2.5 points, but now my coment for a new answer can be 5 points, and then to coment on the article-25 point Because it is Considered spam marked but not yet approved comments, please explain admin. .., Thanks.

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shahzadmalik answered 1 year ago
Answer for Why is this happening admin
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well I had same problem, even on hitting the submit button for comment, I got ” -25 mark as spam”. How system is deducting it spam while its under submission process !!! can’t understand it.
Moreover, I am also not getting points for view that made on my Question and Forum :( :(

shirish5 answered 1 year ago
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@uban_avatar OC is going through a lot of changes so for some time don’t post comments to blog article wait for the updates from admin. When they will do all changes then try to post. 

Khalid Mehmood answered 1 year ago
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Admin has changed some rules with the addition of some new rules too.

VeroxOng replied 1 year ago

Speaking of this,I’m really pissed….u should have informed us beforehand and not just apply e new rules suddenly expecting us to follow and know e new rules?!…..u should have send email announcement of e new rule detail…points shouldn’t even be deducted or stopped before e new changes done,please admin spare a thought for us and we will do that to u too!!

SUJIT answered 1 year ago
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@uban_avatar this time the OC is change the rule and updation for the OC.

hafiz786 answered 1 year ago
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This is all due to changing the existing rules and also addition of new rules at OC. Now all the limits for points have been changed.

Smith answered 1 year ago
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I think. You guys have so many prob at OC in those days. Sorry I can’t say something. Because I was not there in those days.

amirshad answered 11 months ago
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It could be due to some rules are changed by admin or oc team.

zeeshanjutt777 answered 7 months ago
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Now there is everything alright please check it now if the problem is not resolved then contact to the administrator.

Guddu answered 6 months ago
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I think, in those days OC was facing a big issue or will be under maintenance. Now a days, every thing is normal and OK. 

hahungdung answered 6 months ago
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when you made a mistake with a certain regulation in oc to what you should be penalized if you do not know why, please contact admin to answer your questions clearly the most