Red Dog Poker Tips & Strategies

“Red Dog” for short, Red Dog Poker is a fun, fast-paced game. It is easy to play, and players can win at it. How do you beat Red Dog Poker? You have to play “optimal strategy,” and catch a little luck. When playing Red Dog, set your goal at “have fun,” stretch your money and hope to get lucky. The strategy tips that follow will help you do all of those things. Know the Odds! Red Dog pays the player more as spreads narrow for one simple reason. As the spread between the two “bookend” cards decreases, your chance of hitting the middle of that spread goes down. Your odds of winning a hand are best when the spread is wide and pays one-to-one. Raise Only When the Odds Favor You! Red Dog gives you the option to raise after the first two cards are dealt. Some players raise “on the regular.” That is a bad strategy. You can only raise the amount that equals your initial bet. No matter the strength of the odds in your favor, you cannot raise more than the amount of your first bet. With that in mind, the “best bet” is to raise only when the game’s odds favor you. When is that? If the spread between the first two cards is seven or more, you are more likely to hit the spread than miss it. You should raise only in that type of situation. Do you need an example? Suppose the face values of the first two cards are nine and two. Remember that suits do not matter in Red Dog. There are six card values between nine and two. Those card values are:

  • Eight
  • Seven
  • Six
  • Five
  • Four
  • Three

With six card values between nine and two, you have a “spread” of six. If you intend to play the statistically-best strategy, do not raise here. Wait until the first two cards are ten and two. Anytime you can subtract the lower card’s face value from the higher card’s face value and the difference is eight, you have a seven-card spread. Simply put, when the difference is eight or more, you should raise! Here is a list of initial cards that result in a difference of eight or more:

  • Ace and two
  • Ace and three
  • Ace and four
  • Ace and five
  • Ace and six
  • King and two
  • King and three
  • King and four
  • King and five
  • Queen and two
  • Queen and three
  • Queen and four
  • Jack and two
  • Jack and three
  • Ten and two

Those are the only face values with spreads of seven or more. If you want the best chance of winning at Red Dog Poker, you should raise only when your first two cards are on the above list. Here Is an Optional Deviation If you want to have more fun, allow yourself one option. Raise when the difference is seven. With a difference of seven, the spread is six cards. Statistically, a six-card spread is nearly a “coin flip.” While this strategy is slightly more risky, you may have more fun at it! The choice is yours! Mind Your Bankroll! Every wise gambler knows never to bet everything on one hand. The amount of money you can comfortably lose is called a “bankroll.” While wagering your entire bankroll on one hand may produce a rush, that type of strategy is neither wise nor healthy. In Red Dog, you have to be ready for streaks that produce bankroll swings. These streaks can be positive or negative. To get the most from your Red Dog bankroll, divide it by 100. The quotient of that division equals the amount you can likely comfortably bet and have a fun Red Dog session. If your bankroll is $1,000, ten-dollar bets will produce a nice, long and fun night of Red Dog. You could even hold a profit at the end of your night! Just remember to play “proper” Red Dog strategy! Always Play Red Dog for Fun! Red Dog Poker is a fun game, and you can go on a hot streak with it. Think of Red Dog as a great pastime. You can play the game when you have a little “time to kill,” and you do have a chance to win money at it. All you have to do is play optimal Red Dog strategy and hope to hit a nice run of cards! Do you feel lucky? If you do, play Red Dog Poker online right now!

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  1. Thanks admin for info strategy play Red Dog. Based on my experience of playing poker online I always play it safe with a scratch card must be the king or ace. with so much confident to betting. If the Preliminary card other than King or Ace, I will see that the middle of the card already has a stacking sequence cards with 2 cards that I have or not ? if not then i closed.

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