Red Dolly Casino, Black Hawk – Colorado

Location of Red Dolly Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado

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The Red Dolly Casino Where Everyone Wins At Fun

Okay, everyone listen up because I have got something to tell you about how all of the hours and months of hard work in the office for secretaries, leaning over and under hot cars for mechanics, or simply cleaning house and listening to the kids can all be put on hold.

It’s vacation time and it is time to find that special place to take you away from all the stress and worries of your everyday life. Located in the beautiful state of Colorado between two great gaming towns is the Red Dolly Casino. A place that you can hear laughter and the sounds of a friendly staff awaits you with a smile. The Red Dolly Casino is the oldest active casino in the whole state of Colorado and is located at the edge of Black Hawk and Central City. A two story, red brick building that is 2,200 square feet of total entertainment.

For those who are worried about finding a place to park at this popular little casino, put your worries to rest because there is plenty of free parking on both sides of the building because The Red Dolly Casino stands alone with nothing on either side. Its location being right between Black Hawk and Central City gives the visitors the feeling of easy access to both of these little gambling towns making them not confined to one or the other but that they can belong to both.

The Red Dolly Casino has a very high review rating by the people who have been there because this casino provides its customers with a totally different atmosphere than most larger casinos. Their “out of their way”, customer service that is given by the friendly staff members. Each and every customer that walks into this casino is greeted with a friendly smile and since most of the patrons are regular customers, it is not a surprise that the customers are greeted not just with a smile but also by name. Who doesn’t love to go to a familiar place where everyone knows your name?

It is often said by the town members that it is the friendly atmosphere of the staff and the VIP customer service at The Red Dolly Casino that is considered to be one of the main reasons for its ongoing success. The first floor of this quaint two story casino is loaded with games for all gamers to enjoy. One of the main attractions of this casino is their beautiful video poker bar that is well lit, fully stocked with all of your favorite beverages and lined with video poker games. Along with regular video poker the bar also has a favorite which is the Quarter Deuce Wild Poker game where you can take your pick of your choice of a Royal Flush or Deuces with an Ace. This video poker bar is so popular that one of the recommendations is to try to arrive early enough to secure a spot at the bar and because it is so much fun to play the games tend to fill up fast.

The casino offers a variety of table games and approximately 150 various slot machines different enough to satisfy every gaming enthusiast. One of the games offered is one that is new, it’s name is The Konami. This slot machine game has a bonus feature that allows the customer the chance to win 28 times each spin when the Super Free Game option is selected. Another great asset in games is that The Red Dolly has the oldest Fort Knox game in the entire state of Colorado. Another popular and all time favorite is the Penny Slot machine games that are so fun that the customers gather around and cheer for each other as the penny drops and the lever is pulled all hoping to be the one to win the surprisingly high jackpot these penny slots have to offer.

With all of the lights flashing, the ringing of the winning bells and the cheerful laughter of the crowd going on downstairs in the casino. You might find yourself in need of a little break to take a breather and fill those hunger pains caused by the glorious aroma of the food coming from upstairs. With every step up you are closer to the 80 seat restaurant that sits atop the casino. This restaurant also has a very high customer rating and well deserved because along with the casino, the restaurant has the friendliest wait staff around and some of the finest cuisine. The cooks have the art of cooking all meals to perfection and offers a full breakfast menu, lunch and dinner consisting of steak, American and Mexican cuisine as well as daily fresh seafood. All of these meals are served with your choice of potato, vegetables, soup, salad and topped off with a wonderful dessert that will satisfy every palate. Along with the regular mouth watering meals, the restaurant offers daily specials.
Among the favorites of these daily specials is the Prime Rib special that is accompanied with all of the sides for as low as $5.99. All of this along with the VIP service of their staff, is what keeps the customers coming back for more.

As if all the features talked about already isn’t enough, The Red Dolly Casino abides the state smoking laws and offers its guest a beautiful enclosed room that is heated in the cooler months and cooled in the summer, so that their smoking guest have a place to sit a relax after a nice meal or for the gaming customers to slide into for a quick break. This room also has a great glass window overlooking the town of Black Hawk.

So when the time comes to trade in the work attire for some excitement and fun the place to head straight for is to The Red Dolly Casino in beautiful Colorado. So forget about that busy year of work and come and create some wonderful memories at the Red Dolly Casino and all bets are on the fact that you will have the best time of your life.

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