Reel of Fortune Slot

reel-of-fortune When playing Reel of Fortune, users will notice that the symbols consist of prizes that are often found on game shows, such as a new car, bag of golf clubs, a charcoal grill and a refrigerator, among others. The slot game is comprised of 5 reels that display different symbols when the machine is spun. Before spinning, players have the opportunity to bet among any combination of the 20 different pay-lines that are available. Each player will be given 10 coins for every pay-line. These coins can be wagered any way the player sees fit.


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The primary aspect of Reel of Fortune that differentiates this slot game from all the others is that of the special symbols, 2 in particular, that a player can run into on any one of their spins. The first of these symbols takes the form of a curtain, similar to one that is drawn at the close of a play. The second one is known as a Plunko symbol. Players that find a combination of 3 of these symbols on 1 reel will have the unique opportunity of advancing to bonus rounds, which are designed to yield even larger rewards.

There are 2 bonus rounds that these symbols can give players access to. The curtain symbol leads players to what is known as the Donkey round. Those lucky enough to advance to this bonus round will be met with curtains scattered around the reels. It will be up to the player to choose whichever curtain they feel gives them the best chance of winning. As long as there is no donkey behind the chosen curtain, players can continue winning.

The Plunko round is unique in that players will be presented with a maze-like structure. A coin will be flipped by the player, where it must find its way to the end of the maze to receive the extra prizes. In both rounds, if you reveal multiple winning symbols, the winnings are multiplied by the grand total amount of credits that the player had bet beforehand. The primary way that this differs from that of a typical win is that an ordinary combination provides a pay-out that is multiplied by the coins that are won with the coins the player bet on each specific pay-line. While reaching any one of the bonus rounds can make way for high winnings, the most that any one player can typically win is that of 1,500 coins.

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