New Reports Show A Booming Online Gaming Industry by 2020

Everybody knows that the online gambling arena is a lucrative business. However, new reports indicate this industry could be exploding by 2020. Morgan Stanley conducted the research into the gambling industry, and what they have found could shock some law makers. There are 20 states that have legalized this favorite pastime, but as revenues climb, more state will likely follow suite. According to their study, they have found that the industry could reach a staggering $5.2 billion dollars in revenues within the next six years. With many cities in financial turmoil, legalizing gambling practices may be the answer they are looking for. Perhaps the way out of debt for some areas is to legalize one of the easiest moneymaking methods there is.

Online gambling is allowed in Nevada, N. Jersey and Delaware. According to reports released by N. Jersey’s gambling authority, they are yielding more than $10 million dollars per month from this source of revenue. Nevada released similar reports and said that they are raking in over $1 million dollars a month. Delaware far exceeds any other state with a staggering yield of more than $240,000 a month. Though the online gambling market is rather minuscule in the states at this time, when lawmakers hear of the potentials for such significant revenues, they just make reconsider their stance.

It’s true the gambling market within the United States is too small. In fact, many online gamesters have to use sites from other countries. And, then there is the fact that some of the other countries online gaming communities don’t accept new players from the US. So all of these issues make gaming a difficult industry within Northern America. This new data has many hopeful that the numbers will speak for themselves, and lawmakers will lift some of these bands that are holding online gambling at bay.

How would this all work, this is what many are asking? Well, by getting more states to legalize gambling activities, it will bring the ability to produce greater revenues for the state’s and improve their overall economic condition. Now, keep in mind that there must be some sort of player pools in place to combine dealings. When speaking directly about online gambling, it seems to do well when there is a lot of solidity. Poker seems to be one of the backbones to the online gaming industry, and with good reason. Poker is one of the most beloved casino games of all times. Unlike slot machines, poker allows high rollers to lay down big amounts of money. Slots have a good yield too, but usually don’t bring in near the money of a poker or roulette table. Using predictable wisdom, it is easy to see that it is a win-win situation for all involved by legalizing gambling.

There is a huge growth potential, according to the Morgan Stanley’s report. However, some are concerns because of the hypothesis used. The numbers are actually quite a bit deflated compared to previous estimates. Actually, in one part, it said that the market yielded lower than expected results. This means that previous projections were not accurate and law makers may think that the projections for 2020 are also inflated. Making a decision because of a hypothesis by a big broker, like Stanley, is likely to happen. Also, while good data to consider, it is unlikely to create much buzz.

So, which state is most likely to legalize next? Gaming experts look for California to legalize online poker gaming by the year 2015. In fact, one of the gaming law experts for the state gave an interview to “Card Player” and told them that the odds of legalizing online gambling was looking very favorable. It is September, and though this report is moving to many people, it is doubtful to prompt any activities to legalize online gaming throughout the remainder of this year. In other words, getting a bill passed for legalization of gambling isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

It is interesting to note that according to the chart published with the report, California doesn’t have a prevailing portion of the overall U.S. gaming market, actually it is figured to be about as large as Illinois. Though California does have one of the highest populations in the country, they are looking to only legalize poker and no other type of gaming. Illinois is likely to authorize poker and a whole slew of other games. Morgan Stanley’s predictions for California are that they will be profiting about $610 million per year by the year 2020. Since each state will approach the online gambling diversely, making predictions are difficult.

Still, the report that was released does make a buzz in the industry and cause some to consider something they might not have before. Legalizing gambling means both online and physical establishments for some, and there are states that are just old fashioned in theology and not ready to make that risk.

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  1. Not just online gambling, i predict by 2020, almost everything are online, perhaps in that day, you can plug your car ECU to internet to check your car condition by online, and the next day, the mechanics will come to your house to install the parts the car needs. And for gambling online, perhaps there will be a virtual reality online casino, so you can feel like you’re in real casino.

  2. So in that day, all you need is to buy the most comfort sofa, buy a cigarettes and drinks. turn on your internet, and.. there you go.. you’re in casino with all the players around the world..

  3. Oh i forgot the most important thing. The Virtual Reality mask.. dont forget to wear it when you’re online by that time 😀

  4. I predict Online gaming industry by 2020 will be dominate by virtual reality online. There’s a concern about the VR era. Soon We’re gonna abandon our ancestor heritage.. the traditional gambling device like slot machine etc.. is there anyone will conservate it? Or our grandchild will only see it at google in the future?

  5. Actual slot machine, built from thousand of parts, each part made by highly skilled person with high quality material. Need more than a day to built a single slot machine. No wonder it cost a lot of money to buy one of it. If a 50 people play slot machine at the same time, the casino must have 50 slot machines. Meanwhile, the online slot machine cost a lot of money too.. the different is, thousand of people can play it at one time. So from the business profitability point of view, witch one will give more profit? That’s why the traditional slot machine will abandon gradually..

  6. Gambling one of the affected part of the development of the software industry. Not only in 2020 but during these technologies evolve.

  7. @bernardbear ? You are 100% correct for all what you said in your all comments. No doubt, there will be one day as such, when there will be every thing is online. And every single person has one casino in his/her house. I mean in the form of Online casino. And at the same time, you really throw light on very very important feature of online gambling, which makes online gambling more profitable than land based casinos. I complete agreed with your words and thoughts. Thanks to share them with us.

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