Resorts Casino Doing Great With The New Additions To Its Casino

Resorts Casino has been fighting to stay afloat for several years as several of their other competitors have closed their doors. Newer, bigger, and flashier casinos have been moving in and giving the casino competition that had the casino really struggling to compete against. It was obvious that it was going to take pulling a rabbit out of the bag to stay afloat. It was finally decided to add extra perks to the casino, consult with and eventually bring in upper-level consultants from an experienced Indian tribe who had experience in the casino world. It helped the owners and management figure out how to make the casino run better and be able to bring prices down to compete with the other casinos.

At the end of 2009, the owners were ready to throw in the towel and give back the casino, luckily the tides turned and a prominent senior corporate casino professional came along and with the help of an investor, purchased the casino and revamped the business. Later on the casino professional died and the investor lost his experienced partner in running the casino, that’s when he decided to persevere and keep going and brought in the experienced Indian tribe consultants to help give him knowledge and experience in how to run a casino successfully. He said he felt it could make it and it was worth the investment to keep working at making the casino the success it once was. The tribal consultants now are in charge of the casino in its daily management and running of the casino and also agreed on a deal to allow the owner of the casino to use their list of clients from the casinos that is owned by the Indian delegation. Two years ago the casino owners also opened and brand new restaurant which now brings the total to six restaurants, and many other areas of fun for people such as two private clubs for experienced casino gamblers, two theaters, a mix of shopping stores, pools, spas, workout gyms and various eating areas and restaurants to enjoy at the cost of over thirty million dollars. The hotel and casino now spans a total of eleven acres of prime Boardwalk property. It has really increased the amount of money the casino owners are making and has gone over really well with tourists. The casino now has over 80,000 square feet of gambling space and has really helped bring the casino back to life and is helping to get the business back on track financially. It also just goes to show that a business can have it’s difficult times but still bounce back. After having several years of very large losses, the casino and hotel are now in the red by several million dollars of revenue and it is steadily increasing. It is great that it has been able to come out of the hole and flourish from its start as the very first casino in in the late 70’s in New Jersey.

Late this summer the Resorts Casino Hotel in New Jersey showed off their new adjoining division of the business area of over 60,000 square feet to be used for business gatherings, seminars, and other business activities as the new part of the casino. This new extension of the casino was an almost ten million dollar expense spent to compete with other casinos in the area. It was obvious that there was a need for businesses to have an area to be able to gather, perform business, teach and have seminars and conferences to better the business community. Their new complex includes four restaurants, all included specials for business and corporate clients that includes their food, room specials, room upgrades, free internet in the conference rooms and private rooms, rental of space, and parking. They have a mix of different size rooms and at different expense levels. Available are all expense packaged including tax and tips, as well as packages for the casino clientele. The hotel and casino also offer all types of shows for entertainment with all types of performers such as comedians, singers, dj’s, bands, magicians, etc.

The next step in growing in the casino industry is to become a part of PokerStars, who runs a huge website for people to play poker on the internet. The casino should be inking a deal soon according to the owners. Even though people in the business have doubts about casinos continuing to make it, the owner of Resorts Casino says they are doing well and will continue to do so. This brings the casino full circle from being the first casino and hotel on the boardwalk in the early days. Back then the law stipulated that the casinos had to close for six hours per day during the week and four hours each day on the weekend. There were originally two tours of rooms for guests, but later on one tower was closed because they were unable to remodel the tower to fit the rules set by the city and was eventually demolished. The original tower was where the casino was located with pools, spas, restaurants, shops, and hotel rooms. It was also where the first private club was located for the more experienced gamblers to gamble as well as a theatre. The new tower is the home of over four hundred and fifty rooms including suites and the higher end luxury guest rooms. The original hall was built in 2002 and consists of eleven level divisions which looks out over the Boardwalk and was the first section, then there were two more sections of the hall with one section being fifteen stories high and the other is eleven stories high added on later.

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  1. Nice sharing about Resorts Casino. And It’s great that Resorts Casino is still struggling for making their business more and more better than ever. And no doubts, falling prices to down is really a good strategy for any casino to become more popular and to compete their competitors.
    And they are really in a good way that they are becoming the part of Poker Stars. As Poker Stars is one of the most popular and best place for Poker players, now a days. And they are growing day by day with great speed and high potential. In short, Resorts Casino is doing their best to grow fast and to make them better.

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