SaltCreek Casino, Pocasset – Oklahoma

Location of SaltCreek Casino in Pocasset, Oklahoma

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The Salt Creek Casino located at 1600 HWY 81 Pocasset Oklahoma 73079 is currently owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. This casino opened for business on December the 18th of 2012. The Salt Creek Casio the newest one of 18 that the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma owns and operates. The casino is also located in Chickasaw County Oklahoma.

The Salt Creek Casino stays open for 24 hours a day with full staff and security for the safety and comfort of its visitors. The casino offers many amenities to it visitors and regular player’s club members. Salt Creek Casino is for the entire family to enjoy not just adults. As you step inside the casino itself the first thing you will notice are the lights and sounds of the games. The games play happy,fun tunes. The next thing you will see is the breathtaking view of the entire casino.

The casino is spacious and spread out over 36,000 feet of pure game playing fun. Within the casino the floors are covered with beautiful carpeting and there is plenty of pretty,comfortable seating for the electronic game machines. Ample seating is also provided at all of the six card game tables on the gaming floor as well. Visitors and regular Players Club members will always enjoy comfortable seating and beautiful surroundings at the Salt Creek Casino.

The staff of the casino is made up of security guards, tellers, waitresses and hostesses, and the dealers at the gaming tables. The security guards are there to protect the casino members and the casino itself. Members and staff feel safer knowing these guards are always present. The tellers are there to help visitors’ and regular members with cashing in and out chips when visiting the casino.

The dealers keep the games organized and running on schedule. The waitresses in the café and bar keep your drinks filled and serve food freshly prepared. The gaming floors also have hostesses that go around and help with any questions, help with Players Club cards and the machines. The staff is always courteous and helpful to every visitor and patron who passes through the doors.

The big spacious casino itself allows the player plenty of room to breathe and enjoy themselves. The casino is not overly crowded at any given time so this gives game players a relaxed feeling while they play their favorite games. The Salt Creek Casino is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars in overall visitor enjoyment and satisfaction.

The 36,000 square feet casino offers six gaming tables for card games such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Blackjack and Mississippi Stud. The game floor also houses over 560 game machines. The machines are both modern and conventional. 240 of the Casino’s games are progressive machines. Progressive meaning the games increase in the jackpot amount each time a player plays the machine. This produces a much larger jackpot should a player hit the winning combination on one of the progressive machines.

A gift shop is on location inside the Salt Creek Casino for visitors to purchases items for friends and memoirs of their visit to the casino. The gift shop has name brand items, handbags, fine chocolates from Bedre’, the casinos own merchandise and more for its visitors. Furthermore, the gift shop has personal items for the visitors and regular patrons of the casino. The Bedre’ Chocolates that are sold in the gift shop are one of the gift shop favorites. Visitors travel regularly just to purchase these fine chocolates.

Conveniently located in the middle of the casinos gaming floor is the Brooks Bar and Fork Café. The bar serves drinks for the visitors and regular patrons of the casino so they can take a break and relax between playing. There are on bar games if the customers should wish to continue playing. The Fork Café serves the casino customers an American menu of burgers and the famous chicken fried steaks among other popular menu favorites.

Monthly promotional events keep the Salt Creek Casino fresh and exciting for its Players Club members. Each month the casino holds special promotional events these events allow the players club members to win extra money during the events. Events such as Leprechaun Loot this event alone offers $20,000 dollars in giveaways and bonuses. Another such event in March every Friday is Pinch Me Payday. The Pinch Me Payday offers $5,000 dollars in giveaways and bonuses.

There are even specials during the week like Senior Day is held every Thursday from 10am to 10 pm. Players who earn 20 points on the players club card the week before can earn 2x the rewards. Players must have the Players Club Card to be eligible. The casinos offer these kinds of events to keep patrons happy and win more.

The Casino offers a special card for its members. The card is called the Players Club Card. With this special card Players Club Members can get special invitations to monthly events. Players can earn points on the cards. For example 50 points earned gives the player an equivalent of $100.00 worth of free games. The card allows all the card holders invitations to special events and rewards.

In order to get the Players Club Card first one has to visit the Salt Creek Casino and bring a valid Texas Id or Driver’s License. Another form of ID such as Tribal Id or a passport may be used to get the card. The visitor must also give the casino tellers a current address to be issued a card for the casino. The card is not required to play at the casino however, if visitors want the specials bonuses and invitations they will need to get a card. The casino gladly welcomes any and all visitors but the visitors must be the proper age to play the games.

The player’s club card for the casino members is just one of the many ways the casino keeps it member’s happy and coming back for more fun. The other amenities the hotel offers gains great reviews and thousands of return visitors each year.

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