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Location of Sasquatch Casino LLC in Black Hawk, Colorado

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Sasquatch Casino – Colorado, United States

Sasquatch Casino Review – Colorado, United States

It’s time for that yearly business trip, or that family vacation and it’s your job to do the planning and find a long list of activities and places to visit that will suit everyone’s pallet. If you’re in charge of the adult itinerary, it can seem like finding a decent casino that isn’t a complete bore and waste of money can seem hard, especially if you’re new to the area or are just visiting and have no clue about where to turn and where to go. Every town is going to be different, and not every casino is going to give you that vibe that you’re really looking for in terms of being the perfect place to drop some serious cash as well as have a decent time in. This article will be examining the Sasquatch Casino in Colorado, completely meant to inform and tell you a little bit about the place and what it can do for you in means of entertainment. Let’s get started!

A Bit About Sasquatch Casino

The area of Gregory street which is where Sasquactch Casino is located, has been around since the 1800’s, giving the building and area tons of rich history and culture that only add to the overall vibe and feel of the place. The building was once a hardware store for over 100 years and then eventually the upper level became home to an annual fireman’s ball, lodge meetings and even a few Black Hawk murders, which was a domestic dispute taking place in 1900. Fast-forward to 1991 and it was turned into The Wild Card Casino, and 20 years later it’s now The Sasquatch Casino. Resting comfortably in Black Hawk, Colorado, the nostalgia and aura of the building is enough to draw anyone in.

The casino promotes safe gambling, so they’ve provided the number of a hotline that will let any of the casino visitors notify someone if they believe they or someone they know has a gambling problem.

Games And Entertainment

But besides the great and comfortable feel that The Sasquatch provides for you, it also gives you a long list of different games and titles that will envelope you into the floor of the casino. Slot machines seem to be the favorite among the casino, which is why they cast over 140 different slot machines for your playing pleasure. The Sasquatch is the smallest casino in all of Black Hawk and a good portion of Colorado as well, which doesn’t give them nearly as much room as they need to have to get a good and hearty selection of different types of games and sources of entertainment for them to entertain their guests.

But like mentioned before, the small amount of games is easily made up for in charm that the building and city present to you. Right next door to The Sasquatch is the Black Hawk Station, which is the sister casino. It’s a favorite among locals as a spot to hangout and relax, but also doesn’t provide a wide array of games and selections. But, if you’re an avid fan of slots and video poker, then this place has the ability to provide at least a few hours of fun and entertainment for you and your guests. No blackjack, poker, craps our roulette tables are available. They also feature an all ages arcade so the kids and younger folks can still have a good time and enjoy the area.

Promotions & Bonuses

The casino also provides a long list of promotions and bonuses for their guests to take advantage of when they visit. Daily, monthly, and weekly specials are available for guests and users to check into before or even during their visit. If visiting, the friendly staff ad vises the guests to sign up for a player’s card, this will provide them with fun promotions. And if you win the Sasquatch Play through the said promotions, the card will work like cash in most of the slot machines. They also feature $.50 ATM machines and the ability to get discounted food, like their Sasquatch Pies!

Dining Opportunities

The Sasquatch does have a restaurant with a menu that serves lunch and dinner, beginning at 11 am. Unlike most casinos, they don’t want to jack up the prices simply because they know you’ll be spending a good chunk of change by playing their slots and other games, but instead, they lower the prices so you won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank and spending every chunk of change that you have in one place. They offer a deal that allows 99 cent meals that is valid once per person and once per day. So, if you and your family or colleagues are planning on staying in the Black Hawk area for a decent portion of time (2 days or more) this offer will definitely pay off for you and save you a decent amount of money, or gas for having to drive around to different places looking for a good hearty and warm meal to chow down on. Here’s a small list of some of the food provided at Shirley and Ed’s Grille at the Black Hawk Station:

• Prime Rib
• Chicken Sandwiches
• Cheese Burgers
• French Dip
• Fish and chips
• Fried Shrimp
• Chicken Parmesan
• & more!


What The Sasquatch Casino lacks in a variety of gaming options is made up by an incredibly friendly staff and an overall amazing service that will provide you with great memories and the perfect opportunity to go out and have a good time with people you care about. They know that making memories is a big part of it all, and The Sasquatch will be able to do just that for you and your guests.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their official website. Or, you can read other visitorsreviews.

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