Scary Rich 1 Slot

scary-rich Scary Rich is a vibrant and colorful electronic slot machine currently available for free download. The title of the machine is quite appropriate as the player is quickly greeted by crisply animated monsters inviting you into their haunted house. This introduction is quite effective in drawing the player to the game; it makes them curious and excited at the same time.


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The three reel screen is populated by many caricatures of everyone’s favorite classic monsters from cinema and literature alike. A quick spin of the machine will put you in the company of many mainstays of the horror genre and other quirky yet relevant pictures up to and including witches, zombies, skeletons, ravens and mad scientists. These crystal clear pictures coupled with a timely horror soundtrack will keep any slot machine player, whether they be veteran or novice, coming back for more play time.

The finer details of Scary Rich show that many work hours were put into the program by the development team. The game is awash in smaller graphical tics a user may not notice upon first spinning the reel. Lightning strikes, heads of skeletons, bubbling laboratory flasks and the animations of the slot squares in general will catch the attention of anyone with a fine eye for details that make up the bigger package.

The user interface is easy to learn and anyone with a gaming need will be off to the races in no time. A simple push of the spin button puts you immediately in the drivers seat. Any player who wishes to read the pay scale can find this information readily available at the top of his or her screen. A simple play through of less than five minutes grants full comprehension of the task at hand.

For a user that wishes to wager multiple lines instead of the traditional three, the game affords you the option of between one and twenty line combinations. Options such as these make it easy to budget real or play money that will extend the play time of the user. It is this option that makes Scary Rich the most attractive.

Overall Scary Rich is an entertaining and user friendly game that any slot player can find themselves getting lost in for minutes to hours. Horror fans, slot machine fans and any fan of making money will only be doing themselves a favor by pulling up a chair and clicking spin.

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  1. multiple lines wager option just look backbone of this game

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