Secret Garden Slot

secret-garden Secret Garden is an electronic slot machine that is inviting from the minute you boot the program. One simple click into the world of Secret Garden immediately entices the player with the question “Who knows what grows in the Secret Garden?”. This simple quip not only gives the player a general idea of the world they are about to enter, it also lends an air of curiosity that will entice anyone to wager their credits simply to discover what type of adventure lies ahead.


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Secret Garden is not picky with the bankroll of its prospective players. A player may place as small a bet of $.01 and as large as $50.00. They may also play between one and twenty lines at a time. This makes the machine very inviting to all electronic slot players, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned pro. The learning curve is very simple and the game should take no more than five minutes to fully grasp. The pay table is clear cut and fully transparent. In a world of overbearing and overcomplicated electronic slot machines the simplicity of Secret Garden will only enhance its market value on the digital casino floor.

The biggest strength in Secret Garden is its overall ambiance. Its colors are bright, lush and rich much like a well tended garden. The frames of the screen are greatly enhanced via well bloomed sunflowers and a treasure trove of cascading vines that dabble gently down the borders of the machine itself. The score is gently melodic which quickly will put any player in a state of relaxation and dissuade them from leaving the comforts of their chair. Its graphical interface is childlike and will transport players to a lighthearted sensation whether they play for two minutes or two hours. One quick cursory glance at the board will show the player flora and fauna, various animals enjoying their creature comforts, children in states of wonder and pieces of gardening equipment that only serve to compliment the overall theme that the machine presents. This presentation recalls the innocence of childhood and also the general mechanics of the classic novel the machine draws its inspiration from.

Secret Garden is an easy recommendation for any player looking to try their luck via a virtual casino. In summation the program is simple and fun. These qualities combined with the potential to earn money make this machine a win.


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