Seminole Casino Coconut Creek – Florida

Location of Seminole Casino Coconut Creek – Florida

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The Seminole Casino- Coconut Creek Casino is a conglomerate of fine dining establishments, gaming tables, slot machines and much more. Be sure to have plenty of time to spend when visiting, as there is so much to see and do. While most people come for the gambling, they cannot help but be lured by the gourmet restaurants, posh environment and the Wild Club Card activities. It’s like a Mini Las Vegas all tucked neatly under a one roof. There is room for both the high rollers and those who want to play the penny slots.

Seminole Wild Card

Many casinos have opted to have some sort of membership card to help prevent money loss. The cards are pre-loaded with cash and can be inserted into the slot machines to play. These cards can also be used for the dinning establishments. They are great for setting a budget and sticking to it. Those who have a gambling problem can practice responsible gambling by only loading what they can afford to spend and leaving their wallet or purse at home. It’s free to join the membership and get a card and valuable to any player who doesn’t want to carry cash.

The Slot Machines

Like many land based casinos these days, Seminole has video game slots. This allows a person to quickly bid and re-bid with ease. Though most have the arm that can be pulled on the side for the old fashioned feel, all the money is kept in the machine with the digital bank clearly displayed. Enjoy both progressive and non-progressive slots all done Vegas style. With over 2,300 slot machines to choose from, there is no reason to go home bored or broke. Machines here are programed to be played anywhere from a penny per bet all the way up to one hundred dollars. Those who are serious about winning the jackpot can increase their bets to make it happen. Enjoy famous games like “Wheel of Fortune,” “Battleship,” and even “Elton John.” With bonus plays, multipliers and free spins, it can make for one interesting evening full of ups and downs. Playing is easy with the Seminole Wild Card. With pre-loaded money, the card becomes a safety mechanism to ensure that the player doesn’t lose their money while gambling.

The Tables

Many come for the slot machines, but playing blackjack and roulette is what a true casino experience is all about. Each of the game features a real dealer, real in-person competitors and real cards. There’s no virtual poker here. Feel the adrenaline rush as you try to guess what is in your opponent’s hand. Blackjack is played in traditional Vegas style. The object is to get 21or to beat the dealer’s hand. Try your game of luck against these skilled dealers. 3 Card Poker is another popular game here. To win you must have a hand of three cards that has a pair or even something better. With your choice to play or fold, the dealer will check your hand. Don’t fold too soon, you may forfeit your ante and you could have been the winner. This is a real game of skill that many enjoy playing. The dealers here make it fun and entertaining all at once.

Other famous games here are Baccarat, Let It Ride, Spanish 21, Casino War, Pai Gow Poker and Mississippi Stud. If you’re interested in a high stakes game, come try one of the best poker rooms in all of Southern Florida? There are serious games going on round the clock and they are full of high rollers with money to spend. Special games, like The Andy Slater “See You Later” Poker Tournament, are meant to keep it fresh and interesting no matter how old-fashioned this game is.

Casino Credit

For those who want to gamble but really don’t have the funds, have no fear. Seminole Casino has casino credit. Just like a traditional loan, you fill out a credit application and it is based on the FICO score. The money can be deposited to a membership card almost immediately if approved. There’s no need to cut your trip short because you run out of money, they can help ensure that you have an amazing time and have plenty of cash to burn. Sometimes it’s nice to have this option, especially when in pursuit of the jackpot and short on funds.

Entertainment/Night Life

Since this establishment is “Vegas Style” it wouldn’t be complete without a show or two. The Pavilion offers a great selection of performers every week. With more than 10,000+ square feet of space, enjoy performers like Frank Sinatra Jr. and Crystal Gayle. Stop by and hear Kool & The Gang and other blasts from the past as they give their fans the music and comedy they long for. The room can be reserved for parties or meetings by making a reservation at the customer service center.


Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a casual eatery, they have many options to choose from. Those who want cracked crab or a filet mignon can try the offerings of NYY Steak or Sorrisi. Casual dining options include Fresh Harvest, First Street Deli, Sunset Grill and Nectar. With fresh sushi, gourmet sandwiches and mouthwatering pizzas, there is something for everyone.

Why Visit Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Casino?

Some come here to vacation, as there is much to see and do. Others come for the pure satisfaction of spending an evening and focusing on winning the jackpot. Whatever the motives, there is so much to see and do here it is overwhelming. They have all the latest and best slot machines, and dealers that are trained to ensure customer satisfaction at the tables. Whether you want to spend a little, or splurge with a lot, there is a comfortable spot calling your name and a jackpot that could be yours. It’s a game of luck, but the lose nature of the slots and the fabulous atmosphere make this a place to win!

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