Sevens and Bars Slot

sevens-and-bars If you’re looking for a simple, straight forward slots game, then Sevens and Bars is for you. There are three reels and one payline. Main features of the game include sevens and bars in order to get a payout. To the left side of the slot are the combinations that will result in your winnings. As you bet more, the payout increases.


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When you start the game, you begin with three coins as a total bet of $3. This information is located at the bottom of the screen. You can also see the amount that you have won. Choose the select coins area to increase or decrease the number of coins that you want. You can bet one, two or three to start with. If you choose to bet the maximum amount, the slot will automatically spin for you.

Any combination that results in having one or two diamonds will give coins. Any color of bar or seven will also result in coins. These types of combinations pay out more money. A seven and bar together, as long as you get three in a row in the payout line, will result in the most coins. You can win as little as 750 or as many as 2,500 coins with this combination. There is an area in the lower left corner that keeps track of the amount of money that you have won. You will notice that the amount will increase as you have combinations. This is also the area where you will click to go back to the lobby or to go to the cashier.

This game can be played for fun, or you can use a credit card to bet with real money. When playing with real money, you will also win money on the game. When you see the game, you will notice that it has the colors of red, white and blue. These colors are used to represent the all-American aspect of slot machines. There are no wild sections in the game. However, there is a special combination of sevens that will result in more money. The most money that you can bet in the game is three coins at a time. This helps keep the amount of money lost at a minimum. The special combination that you want to try to get is a seven of each color, but they have to be in the order of red, white and blue. If you get this combination, you will win five times the amount instead of only the amount that you bet.


  1. Thank @admin I really enjoy the Classic Slots.
    Do you think that it will be possible to get the one tHat has 6 paylines?

  2. Can anyone tell me what is unique about classic slots. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they like these. So, what is so special???

  3. I just played it again and had no luck. Lost down to $900 on it. But I did do over 200 spins for the max amount.

    @d devil you ask what makes the classic slots so special?

    I am not sure of your age, so I am going to assume that you are very young in this case. The reason they are referred to as classic slots is that they have been around for 20 years or more. When something stays around that long it is what makes it special as with some it just brings back old memories. And for some like me at my old age it brings back memories of days when I had no worries and was care free.

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