Should Fantasy Football Be Considered Gambling Instead Of Fun?

Football season is here. It’s one of the most popular sports there is. Every game day, people gather around a television to root for their favorite team and to have a good time. People also go beyond just watching their favorite team. They enjoy watching other teams as well. For some, this is just for fun. For others, they are watching other teams for a different reason entirely. They are doing this because they are keeping their eyes on a chance to win money. They are following players that are on your team. This is in reference to a super popular pastime. Many have started playing fantasy football. Not only is it a fun little game it’s also a way for people to test their football knowledge. The best part is that it’s also a way to win a little bit of money!

For those who have never played fantasy football, it’s actually quite simple. You first have to join a league. There are endless options on where to find fantasy football leagues. Some like to do it online. Others choose to find a league through friends, family, coworkers, or popular hangouts like bars. After that, it’s completely up to an individual to draft players for their team! A person chooses players for their team in a draft and then watches as each week they compete. The individual racks up points depending on how well their players do. A person makes money if their player does better than the others.

It seems like harmless fun but it has many wondering if that’s actually the case? Could fantasy football be considered gambling? Technically it’s not gambling. This is because fantasy football is actually a skill. It’s not like a slot machine or a roulette wheel where you’re relying on luck. Fantasy Football requires strategic planning, critical thinking skills, and a little bit of hard work. Therefore, for some playing fantasy football is more like a job than gambling. There are some people out there that even quit their day jobs because they can make a good chunk of change from fantasy sports. When people really have an eye for good players and are able to do the research; they can end up making close to triple digits! There are predetermined amounts that a person can win unlike gambling to help set the two apart.

For those who don’t believe that fantasy sports is a game of skill and not gambling, there is a law. The law was put forth in the late 1990’s and it establishes fantasy sports as legal. There are still a handful of states where it’s illegal for players to risk their own money in fantasy sports games.

On the reverse side, there are those who say that fantasy football isn’t a game of skill. They say that it’s a form of gambling. These are the people who like to argue that half the time people are guessing when it comes to their fantasy players. They’re not sure who is good, who is going to have a good week, and who is going to have a bad one. Sometimes, it can seem like luck. There’s no telling for certain if a really good player is going to have a really good week. Football players have off weeks all the time where they’re not playing like themselves or they make foolish mistakes. Therefore it’s not skill and rather luck when a person determines who they are going to play in fantasy football. It’s also luck when it comes to injuries. Therefore, these people argue that it’s not much different from gambling. There’s not any real work, in a way they are just betting on something that’s not tangible.

Questions will always arise between whether or not fantasy football should be considered gambling. There are two sides when it comes to this matter and both bring up valid points. Due to law and an unlawful gambling act, fantasy sports is considered a form of skill and not gambling. People are always going to argue about what distinguishes skill and chance when it comes to these games. That’s because there is a little bit of chance that does influence fantasy sports but it’s not the main thing like it is in gambling.

Overall, gambling can be done by almost anyone because it doesn’t require any real skill set. Fantasy football cannot. An ordinary person who has very little sports knowledge could attempt to do a draft and make some money but in the end it might not be successful. That’s because fantasy football is unpredictable and a person needs the knowledge to make long term assessments. They have to have an understanding of football and variables that could occur in this sport. There is a little bit of chance that comes into play for fantasy football but overall it’s not enough to put it into the same level as gambling. There has even been a court case in this matter. It seems that there will always be debates about the true nature of fantasy football and if the way they are making money is in fact legal. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that it’s not technically the same as gambling. It can look that way from an outside eye but for those who play it, they understand just how much of a challenge it can impose.

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  1. Ok, here’s my opinion. If some say that fantasy football is a gambling that rely on luck, i’ll answer to them like this: Fantasy football need a deep knowledge about football sports. Off course if you just enjoy the football as an entertainment, you’ll never know how difficult to manage football. We’re talking about many variables:
    1. How to manage the finance of football team so they can exist. that will include how to make plan, organize the plan, then execute the plan into real act, ad then controlling..
    2. How to manage player physically and mentally?
    3. How to find a suitable coach, that fit your financial condition
    4. How to line up a formation, a strategy, a counter strategy?
    5. How to buy a good player at transfer windows? How to confince the player to join your team? A great number of money transfer and big salary won’t guarantee a good player will join your team. Sometime a good player need a team with tittle winning tradition. For example: zlatan Ibrahimovic, he desperately find a team that can brought him lift the champion league cup. And unfortunately, it never happen until now.
    6. Etc
    For me fantasy football is like a chess. So i would not dare to say that Garry Kasparov million dollars winning prize, was a gambling..

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