Significant Movement Amaya Gaming Group Inc. to take over Poker Stars – the world’s biggest online Poker Company

Acquisition agreement has occurred between Poker Stars and Amaya Gaming Group Inc. – supplier of gambling equipment and systems based in Point Claire, Quebeq – Canada have agreed in US $ 4.9 billion. That agreement happened after Amaya Gaming Inc. supported by two large group of the Company. First, Credit Division Blackstone, GSO Capital Partners, worth $ 675 million in the form of convertible preferred stock and other securities and Second, Deutsche Bank- Barclays and Macquarie Capital for $ 2.9 billion in the form of credit facilities and other financing.
As a large company other online poker is PartyGaming and Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars is growing rapidly in the US market. Poker Stars Company posted revenue of US $ 1.1 billion last year and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of $ 420 million.
After being acquired by Amaya Gaming Inc. Poker Stars will release a new platform Online Sports Betting at the end of April 2015 according Amaya Chief Executive Officer David Baazov said in June 2014 years ago.

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  1. With this an agreement may be an indication that online gambling is becoming increasingly advanced by leaps and bounds. So that the target of the US in 2020 could reach Us$ 1.9 will be possible.

    • This is a good step, to achieve the target in 2020 of course, required the participation of the Company Gambling in the US

  2. Wow, very smart looking at opportunities. With the increasing interest in online gambling today of course they are very strict competing.

    • It is true that the existence of this agreement, the competition in the world of gambling will be intense. Supporting the participation of funds can not be separated from this.

  3. Interesting, this new for my knowledge, i thought bank and credit company, never involved in gambling business, but this article tell me that i’m wrong. Thank you gozy. Good article.

    • You right bernardbera, initially I was thinking that it might be an investment bank to gambling. Today was already beginning to emerge banks in collaboration with the company casino.Hal This is caused because the business is very promising indeed.

  4. My best friend who maniac playing poker and one of the members in the OC should read this article. thanks to his article gozy ..

    • thank you Rudz. You may ask your friends to join OC. Let them know that there is many various games and information they should know.

  5. With the rapid growth of online gambling, I think the step Amaya Gaming Group Inc. is appropriate because the agreement will enhance their already existing businesses become stronger in the face of online gambling business competition which getting tougher

    • Of course, with the support of various parties, it is likely .Amaya great gaming into a formidable player in the future

  6. yes i agree with bernardbear, I just know if in fact the bank can finance for gambling business, because in some countries we can not deposit our money for gambling and it is considered illegal

    • Now we know that there is a contribution from the banks to the world of gambling. Some developing countries are still experiencing problems in the regulations.

  7. This is big and smart movement from Poker Stars and Amaya Gaming Group Inc. And this proves to the world that the gambling / casino can make fast money also significant growth.

    • Of course, the participation of several parties who made this agreement proved

  8. But never underestimate the asian base online casino. They often seen like they sleep. But suddenly they can wake up and grab everything outside. So the amaya must watch their back.

    • It could be a possibility that it will happen. However investment from outside Asia is still needed to build a large gambling company.

  9. yes Bernardbear, however Asia is the largest continent in the world. there we should not underestimate Asia in terms of the online casino. as an example of a very rich country in Asia that Dubai Qatar, which has created the highest skyscraper in the world might be in the future they will make the largest casino online sites as well or maybe even the real casino.

    • Casinos are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but that does not mean that people hear cannot play live casino games. One can search high and low and turn up empty if they are searching for UAE casinos. While gambling is legal in some of the emirates, much of this activity takes place in Dubai. There are no UAE casinos in Dubai as the only form of gambling allowed is sports-betting. But people looking for some good time and gambling are greeted with an exciting surprise. The race tracks offer horse and camel racing, the latter being an entirely different experience for tourists.

  10. News article proves that gambling is a business that never dies. Always profitable, even constantly evolve with the progress of time.

    • That’s true, gambling will be there forever. even continue to develop according to the dynamics of the place.

  11. The initial step Amaya Gaming Group Inc. to take over one of the main Poker Stars online poker company’s largest, indicating the advantage is still very profitable in the world of gambling.

    • With the transaction, Amaya will become the world’s largest publicly-traded online gaming company.

  12. This is encouraging news for millions of American players who have anxiously awaited the return of PokerStars to the U.S

  13. That is only a start. As the battle still remains with the Congress and Senate of the United States. There is no law that says US players can not play online casino or gamble. The wire act only goes after sports betting. And States that it is illegal. Many players still play online poker and are doing very well.

  14. Right ardodd, it’s just the beginning. Gambling is including the oldest game, any country nothing could stop the player to gamble. There will be many ways that can be done anywhere and anytime.

  15. @Ardodd and @gozy you both are right. I think there is not any such country in the World, where there is not any gambler. Every part of this earth is full of gambler. People are gambling on every single step in their life. Even I have seen now a days people are making betting almost all activities, which they make on daily basis. And no any Law can stop these people. The best way is to make the gambling as legal and making some rules and regulations for it. JUST !

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