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During a recent slot tournament in Atlantic City, a New Jersey woman, Vanessa Maskal, had walked out with a $100,000 grand prize. She participated at the event known as the “Biggest Slot Tournament Ever,” which was a multi-jusrisdictional slot tournament with over a million dollars in prizes.

This tournament, no wonder, attracted thousands of players from around the United States. This handsome check was written by Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, one of the top casinos in the area. The second prize consisted of a $50,000 win, while tens of other participants walked out with checks ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Harrah’s Resort is a renowned traditional casino resort with slots, table, and card games. Visitors to this casino can also stay at a hotel which is part of it, while having access to quality restaurants and shows.

Atlantic City, however, has seen its fortunes decline in recent years. Only eight casinos are still operating there, down from twelve a few years ago. One of the reasons is the opening of casinos in nearby states. Atlantic City, though, has its advantages. It’s close to Philadelphia and not far away from New York City. It’s also based on the Atlantic Ocean shore.

So, those who visit Atlantic City, get to gamble, but also enjoy what the resorts there have to offer.

In recent years, land-based casinos have been facing increasing competition from online counterparts. Many online casinos now offer hundreds of games to their customers, including online slots connected to progressive jackpots.

The online bettors have access to online poker tournaments as well as video poker games- things that were traditionally played at land-based casinos. Due to advanced gaming software, these games can be played live over the Internet with other participating players.

The graphics are so advanced that the poker tables appear just like the physical counterparts. There are also rich sounds and online communication, so the players get to interact with the others.

Similarly, online baccarat, craps, and blackjack are growing in popularity. Online casinos are even offering keno, bingo, and scratch cards, thus entering into traditional casinos’ domains.

What keeps many land-based casinos afloat are the restrictive gambling laws in the United States. At the same time, gamblers in many Western nations have easier access to online betting.

Things are progressing even further. With advanced mobile-based technology, many casino games can be easily played with smartphones. Now, a bettor can make roulette bets on the go from anywhere.

The online and mobile gambling industry is going even further. Now, some quality online casinos offer sports betting on multiple sports. Even online horse betting is becoming more common. These mega online casinos even expanded into financial betting. Bets on currencies, stock indices, and commodities can be placed via their sites.

So, now the players can go to traditional casino or play all they want with their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. No wonder, traditional casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Macau are looking for new ways to attract customers. Various tournaments, like the one describe above, take place.

But, online gambling industry is striking back with their own tournaments and frequent online bonuses.

Many doubt whether Atlantic City will fully recover. But, not all places are doomed. Macau, for example, has been growing tremendously, and now the gaming revenue there exceeds that in Las Vegas. One reason is that Macau is based in Asia, and some Asian residents are known for their love of gambling.

Many online casinos would love to get access to the Chinese market, but it’s severely restricted. Thus, Macau’s supremacy. However, other countries such as Singapore and Cambodia are building their own casino complexes looking to take over some of Macau’s clients.