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bet software programs
Poker can be a difficult game against experienced players. Fortunately, there are software programs online to help you make the best bets. Let’s take a look at some of these incredible tools.

Advanced Poker Calculator – One of the original calculators on the Internet. Today, it has been updated to reflect the current strategies of 2017. If you are a numerical type of person, you’ll be glad to know that Advanced Poker Calculator actively shows the program processing information and outputting probabilities. By getting a feel for these probabilities, you will have an advantage in a live game without software assistance. It is not even necessary to input an entire game; the calculator can give you statistics on the strength and weakness of a hand without context. This software is known for playing aggressively, and considering the equity of such play, it is ultra powerful when betting strong hands.

Preflop Poker Bot – Awesome program for pre-flop betting. Pre-flop action is easy due to a lack of information, but difficult to perfect due to the sheer number of possible combinations. Many programs only hypothesize about optimal plays without actually running simulations and falling back on concrete data for statistics. However, with an immense database of over one billion scenarios, Preflop Poker Bot comes as close to perfection as possible. Enter data for a six ring or max table and let the software decide whether your hand is worthy or not. Suits, ranks, and table position are all factors that can sway the decision one way or another. While analysis continues post flop, the true benefit of this engine lies in its incredible early reads.

Open Holdem Bot – A great complement to Preflop Poker Bot. This program specializes in post flop betting; again, input the current state of the game, and it well tell you whether to raise, bet, fold, check, or call. Open Holdem Bot is particularly unique due to its adaptive memory. If you play multiple rounds with the same players, this software will learn the tendencies of your opponents and adjust its style to compensate. This implies bluff detection, bet size recognition, and bet timing. Although it is still in a beta form, analysts have praised the bot’s resilient memory and overall accuracy. For advanced players, this program is one of the best ways to take your already strong game to the next level.

Poker Sidekick – Has it all. This software is compatible with both cash games and tournament play. No limit and pot limit games are supported with blinds of all sizes. Any number of players is possible. If you play multiple variations of poker or are unsure of where you want to take your game, use Poker Sidekick as a generic software. The developers constantly modify the settings to make accurate calculations, and if you make a donation, you are eligible for premium features. Depending on your skill level, you tell the engine to play passively, aggressively, tight, or loose. While does not excel at any of these features, its all around nature is quite respectable.