Local Casinos in South Carolina

Located on the east coast of the United States, South Carolina is a beautiful state. It is also home to 5 casinos, each of which has its own unique qualities to it. For this reason, you should know a little about them in order to determine where you’d like to place your bets.

The Sun Cruz Aquasino

Located in Little River, South Carolina this is a 220 foot long ship that features casino cruises. It can take 600 passengers on board for its 5 hour gambling cruise into international waters where state and federal gambling laws are no longer enforced. Once on board you’ll enjoy slots (ranging from 2 cents to $25 on both ticket-in and ticket-out machines), poker (including video poker and 3 card poker), blackjack, craps, sports book wagering, rummy, roulette and bingo.

The Big “M” Casino

This casino is also located in Little River, South Carolina and it too is a ship that features casino cruises. Here you’ll be able to enjoy everything from classic table games to roulette. There’s also a restaurant on board.

Catawba High Stakes Bingo

In Rock Hill (about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, North Carolina) there’s the Catawba High Stakes Bingo that’s ran by the Catawba Indian Nation. They have an early bird session that begins at 6 PM but their main session doesn’t start until 8PM. There are over 1,000 seats so that you can enjoy either electronic or pull tab (a.k.a. paper) bingo with a high-stakes jackpot of up to $100,000. You’ll also enjoy full service dining here but sadly there’s no smoking or alcohol permitted.

Mohegan Sun Casino

This is another Native American ran casino. The Mohegan tribe from Connecticut opened this casino in 1996. It offers great dining (over 40 restaurants), hotel accommodations, shopping, entertainment and sporting events. People from around the world come to see the largest, most spectacular indoor planetarium; the 55-foot indoor waterfall; and the glowing, 3 story high crystal mountain that’s made out of imported stone. While there they also enjoy over 300,000 square feet of gaming within 3 casinos: Casino of the Earth, Sky and Wind. These casinos feature slots, table games, poker, a race book and plenty of bonuses as well.

Southern Elegance Casino Cruise

Another casino cruise that’s located in Little River is the 175 square foot, Southern Elegance Casino Ship. It offers a couple of cruises each day that last for about 5 hours each. While aboard you’ll enjoy 200 slot machines, 12 table games, 9 blackjack tables ($5 – $500 bets), 2 poker tables, video poker and a table each for 3 card poker, craps ($5 – $300 bets), aces poker and Let it Ride. They also offer you complementary drinks. While soft drinks are available all of the time, cocktails are only offered to those who are actually on the gambling floor.

The Bottom Line

There really are a lot of great casinos in South Carolina. Deciding which one is the best is a matter of personal preference. Now that you know what casinos are available for you to choose from and what each of these casinos has to offer, you can decide which to visit and hopefully bring home a big win from. Enjoy!

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