South Carolina Online Gambling Law

In the state of South Carolina gambling is illegal in any form except for lottery and some Bingo. Since 2001 only lottery gaming has been allowed, and it has not changed to this date. South Carolina is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling next to Utah, and allows for no gambling at all except for lottery. Gambling includes dice, cards, slots, table games, or any form of betting; this also extends to online casinos, which are illegal in the state.

Because the online gaming is on the internet, some may consider that it’s technically not in the state of South Carolina. The problem is, if your servers are in South Carolina, then you are considered to be breaking the law by having online gaming within the state of South Carolina, because that is where your business physically is located.
Some Bingo games are allowed via the states Charity Gambling Law, but they are still extremely limited in terms of prizes.

Tribal groups have long tried to establish high-stakes Bingo gaming on their territories, and they have been blocked repeatedly by the government. Sometimes boats will come to the shores of South Carolina offering gambling, but this has been the fought against by the government and restricted. Because these boats travel in international waters and come to the shores of South Carolina, the government has been told that they do not have the legal authority to stop the boats from coming there or even stop people from the state of South Carolina, from gambling on the boats.

South Carolina seems to have no want to budge in their gaming laws, and they strictly enforce them. Again, the only forms of gambling legal and allowed in the state of South Carolina is certain charitable Bingo games, and lottery gaming. Based on the current laws that have been on the books for many years, no other forms of gambling is allowed including slots, table games, poker, or online gaming.

Online gaming is kind of an grey area, because when the laws were written in South Carolina, online gaming didn’t exist and was not even a concept, hence there were no laws made directly to fight against online gaming. Some people use this grey area to run online gaming casinos. Many online casinos do exist in South Carolina, but this is risky.

Without actually consulting with an attorney, you leave yourself at risk for being arrested for the offense of gambling in a state where gambling laws clearly defined that it is illegal. An attorney can help to clarify the law, but can’t help you go around it. The end conclusion is, even if there are casinos online in South Carolina, they are being run illegally.

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  1. Actually,i really like to play bingo and lottery either online or offline,real cash or demo account.Luck need for win on this game.Follow the laws from our country.Because we are the good people.

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