Spartan Warrior Slot

spartan-warriorSpartan Warrior is an electronic slot machine with a clear feel of the classical histories of Ancient Greece and Rome. One spin of the lower button bar reveals a picaresque scenery of swords clashing, warriors locked in combat, ships sailing throughout the sea, damsels in distress, the classic Spartan helmet complete with traditional feathers and a shield that has clearly seen a battle or two in its day. The crisp graphics coupled with the crystal clear sound thoroughly engage the senses the moment a player sits all the way to their time of departure. Within minutes of sitting at the machine the player is immersed in this world that can usually only be experienced in a brick and mortar casino or a local cinema.


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The familiar meets the unfamiliar when observing the other icons that populate the board. A cursory glance will inform the user that they are dealing with some ancient sort of hieroglyph, however closer inspection reveals our familiar Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten, which keep the board in relevance with the theme but makes the typical Westerner feel right at home even though they are playing a machine that transports them to times of ancient history.

One quick click of the pay table will teach the user how to be a slot machine gladiator in mere minutes. A wagering combination of up to fifteen lines allow a user with any budget or preference of risk endless options when walking the path of the casino warrior. The betting lines can range from $0.01 through $75.00, making the machine friendly to any and all incomes who decide to take up their virtual spear. The inclusion of a wide variety of bonuses, free spins and multipliers only add incentive to the wagering experience when stepping into this electronic arena.

The machine is as user friendly as can be. The five simple options on the bottom half of the screen enable even a first time player to become completely immersed. The quick learning curve draws in even the most novice of casino gamers. This ease of use coupled with the fun the game offers makes Spartan Warrior an easy choice amongst a sea of similar titles that currently flood the online gaming marketplace. Spartan Warrior appeals to historians, lovers of the grandiose and grandeur and gamers across the board and is a must play for any serious gambler on the market.

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