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Specialty casino games allow you to experience the excitement of betting while playing games that might not be available at some brick and mortar casinos. Play Keno — the favorite instant lottery game — or test your math skills with a round of Sudoku.


Sudoku is the classic numerical puzzle game that became a worldwide smash at the turn of the century. Traditionally, the goal of Sudoku is to arrange the digits 1 through 9 on a grid so that each digit is used and none are repeated horizontally or vertically. This game turns the Sudoku formula on its head by turning it into a three-by-three slot machine. In this version of Sudoku, you’re actually rewarded if the same digit appears more than once. Enter your bet and hope for a match!


Few things could be more integral to the experience of casino gaming than a classic lottery. Lotteries are so popular that they are used as a source of public funding for many states — even if other forms of gambling are illegal. Why wait a full week to see if your numbers come up, though, when you can play Keno and see the results instantly? In Keno and Jackpot Keno, you can select numbers from a grid and place the bet of your choice. The potential payouts are determined by the amount of your bet and how many numbers you have selected. The two games have slightly different pay tables, so try them both and see which gives you better results.

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