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Regulators in the Netherlands do not want consumers targeted by sports betting sites. They have begun a crackdown on operators trying to attract players for their major events. A letter-writing campaign had been initiated against rogue operators targeting ads to Dutch citizens. Most of the advertising was done during the Tour de France and the World Cup. Letters were sent to eight operators who have ceased the advertisements.

Each company that was sent a letter by Dutch regulators has stopped all promotion in the country. This includes shutting down all promotional websites and social media accounts designed to attract any new players. These actions seemed to be enough to satisfy Dutch regulators.

The Netherlands is expected to enact new laws targeting Internet gambling next year. Any operators of sports betting operations should not engage in any marketing activities until new laws are enacted. The affiliate marketers of gambling operators are also being investigated.

Dutch regulators are known for having a hands-on approach to the enforcement of gambling laws. They have issued a $103,000 fine for organizing a lottery for a home owned in South Africa.