Spy Game


What sets Spy Game apart from its peers is how the game is set up and then played. Upon activating this slot, a short animated video is triggered. This optional video shows what looks to be weapons being constructed in a factory. At the end of the video, a secret spy stands with full-conviction. The video abruptly ends and the game officially begins.


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Before actually playing the slots, an informational dialogue box appears. This is where the video game aspect of this slot takes over. Within this box are instructions to locate specific items by activating free spins. The first mission given to you, the “Super Spy” is to locate three items to make a bomb. As stated earlier, the only way to find these items is to activate the three scatter icons. Upon doing so, you’re given 10 free spins. Hopefully, within these spins you’ll find the necessary icons. Successfully completing the mission results in rewards and a new mission.

Keep track of your progress throughout the game portion of this slot by clicking “Game Map,” located in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Within this menu you’ll find statistics relating to current mission, accomplished missions and various game details.

Betting Details

Much like other video slot machines, Spy Game offers a variety of betting options. Minimum bets are one cent while maximum bets are $1.00. With 15 playlines and a maximum of five “coins” per bet, you can win big, but you’ll have to bet big.

Information pertaining to how much money you currently have, cashing out and adding more money is found in the lower left-hand portion of the screen. Here, the aforementioned along with other information is clearly identified and revealed.

Throughout the gaming experience, changing bet details is as simple as clicking a button. With clearly defined buttons, it’s nearly impossible to make an incorrect bet – a true luxury within the digital slot machine industry.


Overall, Spy Game is a solid video slot machine set apart with video game elements. The sound quality and audio tracks are not only crystal clear, but quite enjoyable. Reels move smoothly and winning combinations are clearly marked and explained. If you’re lucky, you’ll match the bonus icons to unlock special games and bonuses.

While you may never be a real secret spy, Spy Game opens up this opportunity in a safe, and potentially rewarding, way. Delve into the world of espionage and danger within the comfort of your own home with the video slot machine, Spy Game.


  1. Spy Game…..

    would be more complete if this game there is a video tutorial. so for beginners who are just learning not confused?

    or may already be a tutorial that I can download?

  2. As you play, you enter into the world of espionage and danger, with fast cars, hot babes and of course, spies.

  3. Nice, this is game remind us all that almost every spy character favour gamble.. You name one, and none of the character know nothing about gamble.. Almost in every espionage story, a casino, is where the spy character seeking information.. well,, most of it..

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