State Of Massachusetts Will Decide Soon About Environmental Permits For New Casino

Las Vegas magnate Steve Wynn plans to build a casino in the Boston area that will be worth nearly $2 billion, and his casino will create thousands of jobs for people outside Boston. Gambling in New England has been a contentious point for many residents, but there is only one thing standing in the way of the groundbreaking for Wynn’s new casino.

Environmental permits are awaiting approval by the state environmental commission, and the state commissioner is reviewing the case carefully. Steve Wynn has been left to wait quite a long time to get his permits, and this article explains how his environmental permits became big news in the gambling industry.

1: Just One Gambling Permit

Steve Wynn’s company was offered the exclusive gambling permit for the Boston area. Boston is a large city with many smaller cities lying around its borders. Each little town could have opened its own casino, but the Wynn Corporation was allowed the only gambling license for the area. Boston could host a very large casino, but that is the only casino that will be built in the area.

State regulators want to watch over the casino carefully, and their exclusive gambling license is thought to be a way of keeping the casino in check. Steve Wynn is an international tycoon who has more than enough money to keep his casino functioning properly, and his casino will likely maintain its license for quite some time. Industry experts are not concerned about the operation of his casino in the slightest.

2: The Single Largest Development In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has several different public developments that are massive in size, but not private development will be as large the casino raised by Steve Wynn. Even Patriots Stadium in Foxboro is not as large as he proposed casino. The development is sure to bring in several thousand jobs, but the project cannot go forward until there is a better plan for traffic and congestion in the area.

Boston is a unique city in that it sits on the coastline. There is no perimeter highway that can alleviate traffic, and the traffic in the area of the casino is expected to be terrible. The Attorney General wants any certification denied until there is a plan for traffic congestion, and there is an environmental impact that must be considered. The Sullivan Square will be the hardest hit by traffic, and the Attorney General objects to the gaming license itself.

3: Boston, Somerville And Revere Sue

Boston, Somerville and Revere have sued the state over the Wynn development citing problems with the environment, traffic and the gambling license itself. Many people in the state do not want a casino to move into the area, and the lawsuit hopes to prevent the development from breaking ground. The state seems determined to let the project go forward, but the environmental commissioner is the last hurdle for Steve Wynn and his company.

4: Transportation

The state transportation secretary is prepared to lead a regional task force that could handle all traffic issues related to the casino project. Citizens and surrounding cities are calling on the state to handle all traffic problems before the project goes forward, but the state secretary wants the project to go on while her department deals with traffic concerns. There are several thousand jobs on the line, and state leaders appear keen to add those jobs to the economy.

Steve Wynn has offered to help solve some of the transportation problems that his casino would cause. Wynn knows that his casino will increase traffic, but he has pledged $7 million to help with subway and other transportation concerns. The state will make money from taxes on the casino, and the owner of the casino is willing to front the state several million dollars to help with transport development. This simple pledge should help the state begin to address its transportation issue while Steve Wynn and his team begin work on this brand new casino project.

5: Why Is The Casino Important?

The Boston-area casino raised by Steve Wynn could be the beginning of a casino revolution that could see one casino in every major city. Steve Wynn has an exclusive gaming license, and his can use that license to change the face of the Boston community. People from all over the city can get jobs, and people who have struggled to find work may begin to work in the casino to build a new life.

Families that are supported by casino workers around the world do quite well, and a worker in a casino will not be pushed out because of age. Dealers in casinos around the world work well into their golden years, and the Boston casino proposed by Steve Wynn will bring a taste of Las Vegas to New England.

Diverse economies are more appealing to other businesses, and Boston may be able to attract more companies who want to house their home offices in the area. A casino can create a healthy economy for the people in the area. Property values will begin to rise. More money will be available for infrastructure, and the schools will begin to improve as more property tax money comes in.

6: Why Oppose The Casino?

Everyone opposing the casino is concerned about the effects of gambling on their community, the traffic the casino will cause and the environmental impact of the largest private development in the history of the state of Massachusetts. Steve Wynn’s vision for more gambling outlets on the east coast could start a revolution in the gambling world. Money that was once invested in casinos in Asia could move back to America after the Boston casino is completed.

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  1. The casino should be permitted as it would create a huge positive impact on Boston economy by providing several jobs and revenue to government. The environmental and traffic problems could be sorted out after proper planning.

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