Steve Wynn Gets The Approval He Needs To Build His Boston Casino

Steve Wynn is a Las Vegas legend who has been able to build casinos all over the world based on the strength of his name. He is a guy that showed up in Vegas with no money, but he has used his business savvy to make a mark on the gambling world. He is taking his mark to the Boston area, and he has been able to secure the support he needs for a new casino that is going to serve the metropolitan Boston area. Steve has been almost hostile in his dogged pursuit of this casino, but he has gotten the help he needs to open this casino on-time.

The Problem

The original problem with the casino was a gambling license that he was given exclusively for his casino. The casino is going to serve all of Boston without any direct competition, and many people were upset that a casino was going to be able to take over the market all on its own. The people who do not mind having a casino wanted more companies to come in and build, but the people who opposed gambling are still fighting his gambling license to this day.

The Traffic Problem

The other major problem for Steve was the traffic that he knew his casino would create. People all over the Boston area were upset that his casino was going to make life for them difficult, and he had a plan that people did not want to hear. The environmental commission had to review his application for a permit to make sure that it was going to address the traffic problem.

Steve even offered to put up $7 million of his own money to make sure that there were not traffic problems. The city of Boston was going to get free money in the neighborhood of $7 million, and they still persisted in suing the state over the casino. Steve went on with his application as if nothing was going to change, and he presented a mountain of evidence that showed that he was going to deal with the traffic problem as best as he could.

The Lawsuits

The lawsuits that were clouding the whole situation were coming from the cities of Somerville, Boston and Revere. These towns were upset about the state of the traffic that would pass through Sullivan Square, and they were going to sue no matter how much money Steve gave to the cause. A reasonable business man had to allow the state of Massachusetts to be sued even though he had solved the traffic problem for everyone with a monetary infusion that was needed.

The Resolution

The resolution of the case came when the state environmental commissioner released his statement on the application for Wynn’s casino. The application was approved, but the commissioner saw it fit to release a report that was over 20 pages long. The report explains the steps that were taken by the Wynn Corporation to address the traffic situation, and the report clearly explains that Wynn is going to adequately the problems that were bothering everyone in the region.

The Permits Do Not Stop

This is just one of the permits that Wynn needed to built his casino, and this is an important part of the process. The casino can break ground on all construction, and there are other permits that Wynn can apply for to make sure that he can build the whole project. The detailed permitting is something that everyone has to do, but Wynn had to have this permit from the state to even think about building his casino.

The Transportation Commission

The Massachusetts Transportation Commission has to make sure that there is a regional board that comes up with a plan that is going to make sure that all the traffic problems around Sullivan Square and other areas are handled. This is a very important part of the plan that the Environmental Commissioner insists gets done. The project could be stopped at any time if the state does not believe that the traffic situation is being handled well, and there is a chance that the regional commission is not going to come to a conclusion.

The Transportation Commissioner has gone on record as saying that she could handle the regional commission herself, but there were those who simply thought she was doing it to get the casino to go through. The Transportation Commissioner does not appear to have any interest in the casino, but she has offered a way to make sure that the casino gets built. This is a very serious matter for the people who are going to count on the casino for jobs, and this resolution makes more sense for the region because someone his up in the state government is right in the middle of it all.

The Casino Goes On

Steve Wynn has an empire that is all over the globe, but bringing one of his largest casinos to the New England area is going to entertain anyone in the northeastern United States who can get on the train system from Washington onward. This is a big thing for the people who cannot get to a casino otherwise, and there are so few casinos anywhere east of the Mississippi River that people are ready to come visit the Boston area for the Wynn casino.

The Wynn casino is going to bring about a new life to the city that was not there before, and the people who are in need of jobs are going to find work when the casino opens. This is a major boon for the area that needs it, and the Boston area will have a new form of recreation on its hands.

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  1. @admin thank you for this review of Wynn Casino and Steve Wynn. As it is very beneficial for residents of the Boston area to provide new jobs in a slowing economy. And the amount of work Steve Wynn has put into this is proof that he really cares about helping the residents in and around Boston.

    And with all the opposition he is still able to continue on with the plans is amazing. And it is going to still be a long hard road to finish. But with more and more support from state legislators I think he will win no matter what.

  2. @ardodd, sometimes pro and contra gives us a drama, but in reality i’m sure, the state legislator already made a decision to approve it. Just need a little touch of controversy so people will watch it and finally, came to it. But most of all, the approval of Boston casino surely will help the city. It’ll give a slight boost to the city’s economy.

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