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StylGame has signed up an agreement with ICM Casino Management in order to bring forth some new products that people could enjoy from both sources. ICM has become the exclusive distributor of all of the products that StylGame creates for a couple of territories like the Baltic States and the countries in Scandinavia. This agreement is only the next stage of the partnership that has been on going since 2010. The partnership has yielded tons of satisfactory results for both parties according to Luigi Iulita who manages StylGame. StylGame is getting ready to allow ICM to have the exclusive rights for distributing the products that are put forth.

There is a lot of confidence in the agreement. Roberto Ronchi trusts in the ability of ICM is going to continue make good decisions when it comes to distributing the products. StylGame is working on new models such as slot bases that can have their heights adjusted for different players. Another product line that is worth mentioning are service calls and the BINGO division. ICM’s skills, as well as work ethic is a good combination with the tools that are useful for sales. This new phase in the partnership is sure to take both parties to the next level of success.

The product lines of StylGame are great for casinos. The company offers different types of stools for people to use when playing different casino games. For instance, the stools are made of materials that bring comfort for people that are going to be playing long games of poker and other similar games. A lot of these products are interchangeable. The seats with interchangeable models can be customized in order to put together a unique look. Among the different models that could be used are Florence, Siena, Amalfi, and plenty of other models for clients to choose from.

There are also traditional and casino models for people to choose from. The products come in different colors for owners of casinos that want to either match the colors to the overall color scheme of the casino or want to break the mold so to speak. There are also electronic equipment for manufacturers. For instance, there are chairs with screens and monitors for developers to put together a game and distribute it to different casinos in various markets so people get to experience the new game that has been put together and released.

ICM is a distributor of casino equipment. This distributor makes sure that casinos receive some of the top notch products that will keep the consumer interested. These products are also sold at a highly affordable price. Casinos will not only be sure that they are making a good investment, but that the games will provide a greater return on the investment. ICM also provides security to the casinos so that there is trust between the parties. The products that are sold come with a warranty that lasts 3 months so that the casinos can rest assured that any products that have issues within that time will be taken care of.

For games, ICM has layouts that casinos can use. Among the best layouts have been released by StylGame. The relationship that ICM and StylGame have makes for a very successful business partnership that is going to benefit the two companies as well as the customers that are served by the casinos with the help of the two partnering companies. With the products being developed by StylGame and distributed by ICM, it is almost guaranteed that the casinos will experience an increase in plays because of the quality of products that they customers experience.