Summer Ease Slot

summer-ease Everyone loves the summertime with the sun shining down on their hair and the sand beneath their feet. If you want a summer experience with even more of a fun twist, try the game Summer Ease, which is available right now! Go ahead and kick up your feet. Enjoy a nice session of Summer Ease with an ice cold beverage next to you!


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The extremely colorful icons in this slot game include symbols like flowers in the garden, a sand castle, a charcoal grill, a fishing tackle box, a camping scene, a picnic basket, sport balls, and scuba gear. When the corresponding symbols line up on an active pay line, your payout will be determined by how many are displayed. The sport ball icon offers the highest amount of points at 1,000. There are five icons horizontally with three rows total. Depending on your bet, you can win multiples of three, four, or five!

By landing on the blue and white lawn chair symbol, you win the jackpot of 8,888 coins toward your payout. This is the largest point value that you can win in the entire game! The red bicycle icon gets you a scatter multiplier. The blue convertible is your ticket to the Expanding Wilds, where the entire reel fills up with the same icon to form several new wins. The Expanding Wilds characters only appear on the first, third, and fifth reels.

To get in to the bonus round, you just have to land three of the bonus icons anywhere on the reel at once. The icon is a speed boat rushing through the water. The bonus rounds always help you get ahead and add extra to your running total of wins. The rules of the Summer Ease bonus round are to guide your ship, the Duchess, through the buoys and speed towards the finish line. There are a total of six buoys and you maneuver your ship by moving your mouse horizontally. If you hit a buoy, you get a red strike and if you successfully miss one, you get a green mark. For each buoy you miss, you win more and more coins to add to your winnings.

Summer is the season that is known for it’s excitement and beauty. Summer Ease is a game that incorporates these two things into one fun slot game with high winning stakes. With rules that are easy for anyone to catch on to, this game offers entertainment for just about everyone! It can be summertime at any time that you want it to be. How much better can it get?

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