Technological trends in online gaming

This might be the year that online gaming technology moves up a generation. Advancements in virtual reality, augmented reality, second screen, mobile technologies and more are moving fast. These changes will shape the industry in the next few years, including:

Cross-Border Liquidity

Though governments may attempt to keep online gaming from going across state lines, increasing pressure will eventually push online gaming across borders. This will ensure enough cash flow between countries to generate more profit and satisfy demand. The splintered state of online gaming must change if it is to sustain the same level of growth and development.

Different Disciplines

Online gaming is made up of various forms of gambling and its development will be shaped by the rules of each market. An example of this would poker, one of the most socially acceptable online games and one that has always been a part of American culture. Its sizeable appeal everywhere will likely be the impetus to boost cross-border operations.

Social Networking

The rapid development and worldwide acceptance of social networking sites will enable a change in online gaming. Social networking platforms with their mobile capability will play a major role in how online gaming services will be marketed and distributed. Partnerships between social networks and gaming brands are very likely to develop.


Regulation issues will continue to progress everywhere as governments try to bank tax revenues from online gaming while seeking to ensure consumer safety. The need for increased profit and cash flow, along with a society that will be more open to online gambling, will eventually bring about the legal acceptance of this industry. Although revenues may not be realized overnight, taxes will still impact online gaming in the future.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality could become a fact by the end of the year. Using special goggles, gamers can actually be in the game which they are playing and to experience the game in the first-person. With the emphasis online casinos put on live dealers in order to give players the most realistic casino experience possible, virtual reality would be groundbreaking. Players could play without a computer or mobile screen and get right onto the gaming floor as if they were sitting in an actual casino.

Augmented Reality

Closely linked to virtual reality, augmented reality lets players interact in a game set in their own space. What augmented reality does is add to the player’s natural surroundings, making it interactive and capable of being manipulated digitally on whatever gaming device the player is currently playing on. For online gaming fans, this could transform the way in which casino games are played; imagine actually using special cards to play with live dealers or spinning a slot machine’s wheel by pulling a lever with the a thrust of the hand. Advancements in motion sensor technology will add a huge leap forward in the way people play at online casinos.

Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is the newest form of high speed internet. This technology’s rollout across the US in 2014 and 2015 will be huge for online casino providers. This will affect online casinos by enhancing the quality and speed of casino games.

Second Screen

Second screen technology could revolutionize the way in which online casino games are played by letting a player access information and options through an interactive second screen and doing away with many clickable options. What it essentially does is to provide players with access to enhanced gaming features during the game without interrupting the flow of the game. This will be useful in games that have maps and inventory records that players need to keep up with. Players will be able to enjoy their gaming experience without constantly flipping screens.

Mobile Devices 

Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are becoming serious gaming platforms, outside the constant fight between PCs and consoles. Modern technologies let them run very demanding games with excellent graphics. While it is still a ways down the road, the day in which mobiles will be considered as serious independent gaming platforms, mobile devices are becoming serious players. Players who use mobile devices to access online casinos could really benefit from technological advancements which would pave the way for more realistic and sophisticated online games.


Esports, another name for sports gaming, is becoming more widespread. Global sporting events with no specific geographic focus, Esports bring together players from everywhere. It is possible that someday soon something similar to competitive gaming tournaments will be available in online casinos. Online casinos currently hold tournaments exclusively for their players. As Esports gains in popularity, it is possible that there would be huge tournaments bringing together several online casinos with even bigger prizes in the near future.

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  1. Nature cannot stop its creature from evolving themself to a better form creature, so does human cannot stop the improvement of technolgy to serve human better time to time..

  2. No doubt, social networking is one of the big way to expand online gaming trends all over the World. On the other hand the day by day progress in technology made this possible for people to play online games with out the limitation of countries’ borders. Now from home, people can play anywhere with any person living at different place. Virtual reality and mobile devices has also a great impact to make it possible for us.

  3. Technology advance with new era is good for civilize community.All the things already change.So,we as a human must adapt with this changes so we’re far away behind us.More interested,the gambling online game had 3D background or character.Avoid play at workplace or worktime..

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