Tens or Better Poker

tens-or-better With the popularity of the World Series Of Poker on television, many people have developed an interest in the game of poker, but they are not sure they can stand the pressure of sitting at a table with up to 9 other players. This is why Tens or Better is the perfect game for both players that are new to poker and experienced poker players wanting to play at their own pace.


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The game starts simply enough, you choose how much you are going to play for. You choose the denomination that you are going to play for, and then hit the deal button. The cards are there right in front of you. As a new player you don’t have to worry about table etiquette or when it is your turn to wager and what the minimum wager is. All you have to do is make one simple decision. Which cards are you going to keep?

It’s a simple decision that only takes a few seconds and seems to have very little strategy to it. That is where it is deceiving though. Video poker games are a true test of skill and knowledge. They are a game of playing the odds the correct way. Of course there is no true correct way. You can choose to play conservatively and try to get hands on the lower half of the payouts table (displayed on your screen) hoping to build your bankroll slowly. Your other option is to try to play for that jackpot taunting you at the top of the screen, the fabled Royal Flush.

Your quest for the winning hand continues after you choose those cards you are keeping and then hit the button to deal you brand new cards to replace those cards you deemed to be useless to you earlier. You can watch as the cards appear, hoping for that one last card you need for a winning payout. The good news for you is that unlike at a live poker table, you don’t have to declare what your hand is. Tens or Better immediately determines if you are a winner and displays your payout. This is a great way for new poker players to learn about the types of hands and their rankings. All you need is a single pair of 10’s or a better hand to make a profit on that original wager.

Once your results are determined, you don’t have to wait for cards to be shuffled or other players to ante to play another hand. You control the pace of your game as you hit deal to deal another hand at the same bet denomination or change that amount and hit deal to play for a different amount of money. How much you can win is up to your strategy and your pace of play. That next hand is just a click away.


  1. If TENS or Better video poker game is no guide to play it, it will be easier for beginners and anyone who wants to play. should indeed every game there is a video tutorial.

  2. Playing Tens or Better Poker on the internet is good because you get to play at your own pace since you don’t plays with other members on the table..

  3. I still do not understand about this game, it seems to be learn first, but the game is quite interesting

  4. Tens or Better Poker Game is very good for beginners and very easy to play for the intermediates

  5. Good idea, This game offer poker player to play at their own pace, so no need to worry about your skill, Nice game

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