The Fall Of The Great Sweden Casino Market

Currently, Sweden is the largest and biggest online market in casino through its innovation, expansion perspective, and hosting. Scandinavia is where the largest proportion of foremost online casinos trademarks started. Nowadays many online casino operators look to the Sweden and Swedish-based staff for inspiration and motivation. Such big casinos sites like, have a close focus on Sweden, and that has helped then attract customers, new customers to the operatives. While Scandinavia and Sweden stand a dominative force, lately it seems as though the interest in gambling has drastically gone down and low. This situation has never been seen before. It is seeming like the gambling industry is in a tussle and struggle to bring back customer sand attract the interest that was there earlier on back to the market. It means that its expansion has gone low.

The Swedish accessible casino arcade has become the hub of casino [for the entire gambling industry in many ways. It is for this reason, along with one fact that it has been home for three core European online Casino Markets. Swedish market seems to be possessing the assurance that it can be one of the best expansion and increased licensing. One problem facing them is that this market looks like it is contracting and stalling instead of expanding. In 2015, the market greatly hit a two point one billion Pounds in revenue. It looks a huge figure, but it represents a big drop when compared to the results of 2014.

Trying to identify the reasons why the online casino market in Sweden isn’t easy as such. In a critical view when trying to identify a problem one has to start at the top that is the Swedish regime. Back in the year 2013, the government stressed on guidelines as it claimed that there was a deemed increase in addiction to online gambling. The regime sought to implement new regulations and guidelines with which online gambling would adhere to. These guidelines were called the responsible gambling measures. They were specifically drafted to curb the issue they called gambling addiction. It did not bring a good impact of just reducing that addiction, but they ended up harming the entire industry.

It may have taken a span of two years merely but the impact of the so-called responsible gambling regulations and implementations in now very clear for every individual to see. When trying to compare the ham by looking at Svenska Spel, net gambling revenues have suffered nearly five percent hit in the year 2015. When trying to compare it with the previous year that had a gambling growth participation of up to fifty percent. There has been a lack of progress in the industry of gambling in Sweden. It has created a contraction in business to an extent where foreign casinos have captured the lost market that Sweden casinos have failed to recapture. Sweden is nearing completion as it seems like their online casinos are just sitting back and doing nothing as far as innovation is concerned.

There was a time when there was no other online gambling casino in the world where Sweden enjoyed the monopoly. The regime is now trying to control the casino markets industry and by now they are only achieving to alter heavily on the performance. Some casinos are still enjoying dominion and success in the gambling industry in Sweden, and one will wonder how soon the flux is going to hit them. The Swedish Gaming Authority is the power and a body that has been asked by the Swedish regime to ensure safety, reliability and legality of the Swedish gambling and gaming market. It has the aim to provide the customers with the tools that they need to carry out fair gambling and by maintaining a clear. It also provides a Balanced and gambling market in addition to the aim to reduce the socially potential harmful effects with which gambling may involve.

Effect of Restrictions

The impacts of this restrictions have begun to be seen by now. The gambling revenues of Svenska Spel have already dropped by 5% in 2015 when trying to compare it with 2014. The revenues over ally have however achieved a growth of approximately 5.5% with the mobile growth area up by 50% this past quarter. The issue is now with the company of a tighter regulation. Svenska also claims that its growth has been a little bit stunted due to the invasion of foreign gambling bookmakers. Mobile betting has been on the rise from 2014 up to 25%. The company is going at a loss in poker revenues of up to two point three million dollars. The markets attractiveness has tampered. It ultimately scares away small competitors.

According the Swedish law, it is illegal to organize gambling for monetary gain from the general public. The government granted regulations and issued permits that only a few gambling casinos that conduct regulated gambling in which social considerations, supervision, and inspection are prioritized. The government bears the entire responsibility to ensure that the market is safe, legal and reliable. It is however done by inspections of companies with permits to that allow them to operate in Sweden. In the recent ten past years, people with gambling problems constituted only a percentage that is less than two. It is not the case now as the people with gambling problems had increased to five percent, and the risk is yet to grow shortly. The government took this initiative to mitigate the problem of addiction to the people who were never looked upon before. In parallel, there were plenty of illegal gambling machines and clubs that stole money from the public and the government sought to eradicate such problems.

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  1. Of course ! We all know that Sweden is the biggest and largest market as Online Casino Market throughout the World. And every famous,big, and most popular casino business want to move its business in Sweden as stated in article.
    We can also imagine the importance of Sweden as Casino Market from that ‘Big casinos like have their eyes on Sweden’.
    And that’s why today I am wondered after reading that now, in present age, Sweden have faced so many troubles and harms. And earn less revenues than past.
    And of course @admin ! is 100% right for stating the main reason for this fallen. And that is ‘Swedish regime’ means that ‘Government of Sweden’.
    But, one more thing I want to say here is that, the Govt is right at their own place, as now a days almost every single person / gambler is an addicted gambler. And of course there will be counselling for such gamblers to get rid of their addiction of gambling. And these rules are proving as harmful for the online casino’s businesses. Well ! online casino businesses should adopt new useful strategies for them to get their business back on the top as it was earlier in the Sweden.

  2. Nice review @amirshad.. to be honest, the global financial circumstances now, is not go anywhere, its getting worst and worst. A business entity must prepare a different kind of strategy that never been before. Not just in gamble, almost every business aspect facing a hard time now, but surely, gambling business will survive as it did before, for thousand years

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