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The Foxwoods Resort Casino is a landmark enterprise. When the casino first opened, the gaming establishment was among the first to truly challenge the popularity of casino gambling in Atlantic City and, to a degree, Las Vegas. The casino succeeded to a level far beyond what was expected. Innovation has helped the Foxwoods achieve its success in the industry. The concept of a “social online casino” was one of the innovative ideas people at the Foxwoods were tinkering with. The start for the online platform was a bit bumpy for the Connecticut wagering entity, but things look positive once again thanks to a new joint partnership with Greentube.

Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions is the full name of the company and it is a subsidiary of the much larger Novomatic organization. The Foxwoods, Novomatic, and Greentube collective is re-launching the online social media endeavor and fans of modern technology, communications, and gaming should be thrilled.

Greentube has been around the gambling industry for quite some time and has developed a host of gaming titles. A number of those titles are already quite popular among players. Through the joint venture, the Foxwoods Casino and its patrons will be allowed to access those titles. That is a situation everyone is sure to find helpful and appealing. More variety almost always helps with drawing customers, a goal of all casinos. This leads us to the necessity of using the Greentube platform.

What does the Greentube platform deliver that other gambling platforms do not? The platform is designed to draw in more customers to a traditional brick and mortar casino, which the Foxwoods Resorts Casino most definitely is.

The platform mixes in online and mobile applications for player which, in turn, expands the reach to customers. Additionally, these online/mobile applications act as promotional tools to bring people into the actual casino. Casinos that are exclusively online obviously do not need to worry about bringing customers to an actual physical establishment. The Foxwoods is not offering gaming for money. Instead, the software presents free games designed to draw people in. In a way, the games are commercials for the “real” casino.

There is another component to the partnership. The venture is slated to launch an effective series of loyalty programs. Customers who are good patrons of a casino are frequently rewarded through loyalty programs. The patrons are not the only ones who are rewarded. The casino ends up being rewarded with continued repeat business. All businesses rely on repeat business for success. Coming up with new strategies for drawing in customers is not always easy. The Foxwoods-Greentube Pro arrangement helps with the cause.

Re-launching the original version is going to focus on more than just loyalty programs and access to gaming titles. The entire re-launch is going to focus on improving areas of the online platform that were previously somewhat lacking. A total redesign is being implemented and this is a positive step. The prior version just didn’t deliver on the expectations of the Foxwoods and its customers. All that is sure to change thanks to the great effort being put into the new site.

There are going to be a few additional promotional components added to the new platform. Customers may be able to win free hotel rooms – among other giveaways – through the new site. The ability to win the freebies will be based on performance at the social (free-to-play) casino games designed for computers and mobile devices.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino wants its relationship with Greentube and its parent company to be a long-standing one. As long as new customers continue to walk through the casino’s doors, there is no reason the partnership won’t be an extended one.