Games and money have been intertwined since the very moment both existed together. Games are simply more fun when there’s something material on the line. On a smaller scale it’s why so many sports competitions offer trophies and medals. The thrill of victory is in itself a very real and powerful thing. But it’s a rather fleeting feeling. And even in sports it’s something that will often only be felt near the end of a competition or game. The ideal in any game, no matter what the medium, is for the edge of one’s seat excitement to infuse every moment. Somewhat ironically, that’s actually easier to do with games which don’t involve physical activity. Adding a trophy to sports will offer a bit of an emotional charge later when it’s viewed at home. But casino games are able to offer something quite different. By adding in money, both to be won and lost, every single moment of the game becomes an emotional whirlpool. Rising and falling in one’s fortunes during a game adds an emotional element and thrill which simply can’t be matched with anything else. This is one of the reasons why gambling and money are so often linked together in people’s imaginations.

However, there’s an aspect to this symbiotic relationship that people often lose sight of. Both games and money are constantly changing and evolving. New games enter the gaming circles and new forms or currency or ways to handle it begin to rise in popularity. To keep up that feeling of excitement one needs to combine continual growth in both areas. In short, to feel exciting both elements need to be on the cutting edge. One will always feel a bit let down if he’s thinking of a different game than the one he’s playing. Likewise people who prefer one form of currency or method of financial transaction will be focusing on that rather than the winnings.

But this isn’t an issue with some of the more cutting edge casinos. And in particular BitStarz is continually making headlines with some amazing advances. One of the most recent is their announcement of iSoftbet Slots within their list of games. It marks the very first time that a bitcoin based casino has come together with iSoftbet Slots. The games are something that anyone should be happy to see available. The iSoftbet slots are among the most fun and cutting edge in the industry.

Anyone familiar with video slot games will know what to expect when the iSoftbet label appears. iSoftbet is typically defined by a combination of expert attention to the classics and innovative ideas to push the industry forward. For example, iSoftbet is one of the biggest popularizers of the all-ways 243 ways technology. This allows for whole new types of strategy and fun when playing video slot games. iSoftbet also tends to bring some of the more imaginative and creative licensing choices to the screen. A combination of familiar faces and themes combined with tight gameplay is a hallmark of the iSoftbet line.

What makes the inclusion so impressive is the fact that BitStarz is equally innovative. It makes use of a new digital currency called bitcoin. This is, arguably, the only fully modern form of currency. It’s created for the digital age with a goal of erasing geographical based limitations for use. It may well be the first truly global currency. This has made it a quick favorite among early adopters, idealists, people who do a lot of work overseas, and of course people who do a significant amount of financial transactions over the Internet. A casino which offers native support for bitcoin is a casino that’s embracing the future in a way that is exciting in and of itself.

The currency has been around long enough to absolutely prove that it’s stable. But it hasn’t been around quite long enough to be a ubiquitous option within most areas. This is one of the reasons why the combination of BitStarz and iSoftbet Slots is so noteworthy. The iSoftbet Slots are one of the hallmarks of the industry. iSoftbet is among the best of the best for online casino fun. The fact that it’s now possible to use such a mainstream leader with bitcoins means that a whole new tier of usability has been reached for the bitcoin platform. Obviously the main point is the fun of the game. But it’s also important to consider that by using it one is essentially making his or her voice heard. BitStarz is making some great games available and bringing that thrill which comes from playing it. And BitStarz is also giving people a chance to help show support for a rapidly growing form of digital currency.