The future of gaming

For many years people have been playing games involving betting, luck and skill. Board games such a Monopoly and Chess were once very popular in families. People are still involved in gaming today except, nowadays, it is all done online. Online Gaming has taken hold with people from all walks of life. It is very evident to see that from a corporation’s point of view.

The latest industry merges of Paddy Power with Betfair and also of Ladbrokes with Gala Coral, has placed the online gaming industry through a bit of a tough transition period. This may have affected your online betting habits.

On line gaming has been around for 10 – 15 years and is growing in popularity. Many entrepreneurs have jumped on board to develop iGaming sites. Players have benefited by this barrage of new games being made available. Consumers have reaped the benefits of getting bonuses and free bets, but quality of the games has been lacking.

Whenever there is a new market start up these issues are to be expected. It is all part of the learning curve for businessmen in the iGaming industry. Pretty much, the only way an entrepreneur can make changes is to understand what the consumer wants from a game. Trial and error is a slow but steady and efficient process. So you can imagine that the past 15 years have been the initial phase of the online gaming industry.

Now that it seems to be over the hump, so to speak, the transition can move to phase II and where to go from there. Apparently, cleaning up the industry is where companies are now. Many sites are just not functioning up to consumer standards. Consumers or players drive the industry and if they are not happy, business suffers. When players are given more high quality gaming sites to choose from with free bets and bonuses they might actually begin to become more serious players. When players are serious about their games the value of the competition goes up for quality gaming providers. If companies can clean up the gaming sites in this phase of gaming, then mergers such as Paddy Power and Betfair should be ready to take the games to new heights in phase III of its growth spurt.

In the near future more mergers are bound to take place as will software development for online gaming sites. During this time more sites that provide high quality gaming will bump out those previous lower level and rogue sites that players were getting tired of dealing with. These providers will now have state of the art gaming programs that will be able to offer customers more options and better customer service. New sites that were so prevalent in the industry previously will not be able to infiltrate the online gaming network as easily as they had done in the past.

As far as the newest mergers, Paddy Power and Betfair will now become the largest iGaming corporations in the entire world. The appraisal of the merger stands at 5 billion dollars. That is a lot of power for the online gaming industry. This new company will be named simply, PaddyPower Betfair. The company will be able keep their corporate offices in Dublin, Ireland. If current statistics hold true the company is anticipated to earn 1.2 billion in sales. Between the 5,000 employees from Paddy Power and the 2,000 from Betfair the company is anticipating being able to retain all 7,000 employees with minimal layoffs. Paddy Power was established in1988 and Betfair in 1999. That is almost 70 years of combined experience in the gaming. This merger will not have any adverse effects on the gaming players. Paddy Power will maintain their position of offering casino type games and Betfair will continue with racebook betting. Customers need to keep their eyes open for more incentives in the future due to this merger. By 2016 it is estimated that online gaming customers will reap the benefits by being offered more free bets. A deal which was signed between Paddy Power and Scientific games Corporation in July of 2015 will further enhance the gaming platform. With a large lineup of slots and table games the company will have expanded casino entertainment.

As far as the merger between Ladbrokes and Gala Coral, it is said to be worth 2.3 billion dollars which would make this company the largest gaming company in the U.K. The new name will be Ladbrokes Coral. This merger will prove to be larger than William Hill who, up to this point in time, had been the largest U.K. bookmaker. Andy Hornby has been appointed COO of the new Ladbrokes Coral Corporation. Although Hornby had been unsuccessful in his endeavor with HBOS bank, Ladbrokes Coral feels he will be a good fit and bring his prior knowledge to the company. Although Ladbrokes has a rich 136 year history, they have not had success breaking into the internet business as did their rival William Hill and Paddy Power. They expect all that will now change since the merger. The deal, will nearly double the number of sites than William Hill has. The company feels that with the popularity of high stakes gambling, that this will really be their pot of gold.

Online gaming, whether in the form of slots, casinos or anything in between is building momentum with the general public. Whether customers are serious betters or just looking for some gambling fun online, the industry only proves to be getting stronger. So for now the future will tell how far companies will go to please the consumer.

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