Thinking about playing poker online? Thinking about joining Prospect Hall Casino’s clientele? Before signing up, why not take a small tour of the place? It’s always best to know something about the casino you are going to give money to.

Below are some FAQ’s. These are questions that other members have asked, along with the answers.

Sit back, relax and take it all in.


This casino was created specifically for players. It doesn’t matter if the person is new at this or seasoned, Prospect believes in the people. Each player begins with the normal atmosphere, things like slots and tables. Then, Prospect added in things like huge jackpots, promotional games and other big ticket item. Basically, Prospect takes the old and reinvents it with some of the new. What sets Prospect apart is that they use games and promotions that other casinos will not.

The motto of Prospect is “Anyone can enjoy a casino. It takes a special kind of casino to bring the people in. It takes a special kind of casino to get the players to stay.”


Some players might have heard of this company before. Prospect uses it for all it’s clientele. It’s the safest and most secure way to get people to sign up. Betable comes from a UK-based security team. Betable brings it’s players fast customer-service. it also brings it’s players a great playing atmosphere, different paying options and a fast turnaround. The money that is earned comes out in quick and fast withdrawal methods. The withdrawals also happen in a secure way. There is no “buffering” or “fixing” the stakes. First off, this is illegal. Secondly, security makes it physically impossible to do so.

Using this partner makes all the clients feel like VIPs. This is important to Prospect Hall Casino. Prospect wants everyone to feel special. Prospect also wants every player to be treated the same. When you play with Prospect, there is no special treatment.

Now Betable holds a UK license. Any player can either create his/her own account. If a player already has an account, he/she can just use this for Prospect. Always ask one of the staff if unsure of how to handle the account.


It’s so simple. It really is. Whenever a player is using one of the “Betable” games, just click on the “sign up” button. It’s a one-two-three step process. Just supply the account information. Give your name. Give your account number. That’s it. Oh, and players must select a deposit option.

Once that is all done, players can begin using the site. Here is a special hint, each player can only use one account. There have been issues with this in the past, Prospect is trying to crack down on players using multiple accounts. Please heed the warning.


This is one of the million-dollar questions that always gets asked. All games are thoroughly tested before being brought out. Prospect Hall Casino makes sure of it. Each game has a random outcome. The genuineness of the games is very high. There is no manipulation of anything. Players can’t even manipulate the machines to do anything, be it in the physical casino or online.

Each games has gone through every test imaginable. Players can rest assure that every game will be one hundred percent fair.


This is another simple fix. Simply add in your account information, ie…your card number. Next, input the amount of deposit that is intended for use. Prospect recommends players start off slow. Too many players get crazy in the beginning. Only deposit an amount of money you are comfortable losing. This way it’s no big deal, if something happens. Once the deposit is in and secured by the player’s bank, then the player can start.

A player can add money at any time. Just go to the “add funds” part and click. Very simple to figure out.


Prospect is always looking to change things up. The main reason behind this is, so players have an easier time depositing and getting funds. Here are some simple forms of payment methods Prospect accepts:

Credit cards–This is instant. Only Vise and Mastercard please. There are no fees either.
Debit cards–Same as above. Just Visa and Mastercard please.
Netseller–This is another acceptable form. Players must have an account to start with. If a player doesn’t, he/she should set one up first.
Paypal–This is another form that is acceptable to Prospect. Just like the others, there aren’t any fees.


This is another question Prospect gets asked all the time. Can a player use the services in “demo” form.” The answer is yes. The best way for a player to do this is by clicking on the game when first visiting the site. Do not go to the payment center. Do not even go to sing up. Just start playing. Prospect encourages many of the first-time players to do this. This will give players a feel for the game. This will allow players to see what is in store. This way each player can gauge the situation without any pressure.


This tends to happen to many first-time players. It could be any number of things. Information could have been entered in incorrectly. There could be a mix-up with the bank. Some players need to get authorization through the bank to use Betable. Don’t panic, just look into it. It’s a mix-up that happens a lot. It is fixable. As always, players can speak to the staff about how to navigate through the problem.

Want to start playing at Prospect Hall Casino? Go online today. Check it out. Have some fun. Prospect is waiting.

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  1. After reading of most this article and enjoying I almost jumped out of my pants.

    As when I read your statement that Prospect Hill Casino accepts Paypal I went crazy. As some many members have asked this question in the Q&A section. And now I can provide them with a answer.

    Thanks so much for this review as it has shined a new light on Casinos for me.

  2. How? It is possible? I have read on many websites that Paypal has very strict rules and they can never accept payments from gambling websites. But, feeling happy for this latest news. I want to read more about this news. If anybody can share some useful links and references for this news, then please share…. !

  3. Wow! Unbelievable! Paypal service for a casino, now this will attract a lot of new players to this casino, as many people see paypal as a secured and trustworthy processor. I hope paypal support more casinos in future.

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