The Lottery Game

Welcome to our daily lottery game.

Cost : 100 Points per entry.
How to play? : Pick 5 numbers between 1-45.
Next draw: 23:45 GMT +2

$1,000 Daily Lottery

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Date Draw Winning Numbers
April 27, 2016 6:08 am #1 1, 8, 13, 20, 38




  1. I ‘ve never played the lottery . Is this game could be a place to learn to play the lottery ?

    if directly , I fear my money runs out because I do not know the trick

    • Yes, all lotteries are based on luck. That is, unless you have some foolproof system to magically hit. Just try your luck as Sidemoneyol says.

    • There is no trick. You have to pick all the correct numbers.

      • are based on luck. That is, unless you have some foolproof system to magically hit. Just try your luck as Sidemoneyol says.

  2. Its a lottery so i don’t think there are any tricks to win.
    Its completely based on luck. If you believe you are lucky then do try your luck.
    Good luck.

  3. I will also play lottery game later.

  4. Suggest for admin it wisely if entry fee just 100 points/$1 because in my asumption many member want joint this lottery but to reach 500 point need time. For your consideration in my country there is INDOLOTTO, they sell/entry fee for lottery less than $1 (exactly $0,77) and total prize award $145,299 for 76 person. Please make it happen in OC

  5. Yes .. I also find it that as dado say in our area and we hope that there are at OC ..

  6. Yes, I agree with you Dado many members want to play but because of 500 points they don’t play.

  7. This lottery really works. I never played lottery online. I just want to be on safe side. How does it work?

  8. yes i agree with advice mr dado, hopefully could be a consideration admin and team

  9. I would like to see Lottery myself. In the US we have lottery drawings that God from $1.00. And have jackpot sometimes worth over 200 Million.
    So I all for Lottery.

  10. @admin could you please update us on the status of the Lottery Drawing.

    This was introduced back in March of this year and not been updated upon since then.

    As myself would be happy to contribute to the Lottery and weekly drawing for it.

  11. I regret to inform our users that yesterday 23 April 2016 we had a hard disk crash and we had to restore our backup of 22 April 2016 which didn’t include the new lottery game.

    For refunds please contact admin@onlinecasino.us

    Everything is back and live as of today 24 April 2016.

  12. Awesome ! This is really a good step by @admin to avail this game on OC. I have purchase one ticket today. This game is really easy to play. I will try my best to post a visual guide about this game, in forum section with the help of step by step snapshots.

    Thank you @admin for this game…

  13. How to see result of lottery game ? Last day I have picked 5 numbers; now I want to see what happened with those numbers. Can anybody help me to find out the list of winners?

    • The results will be shown on the sidebar, if you won the system automatically will credit your account.

      We have also just enabled email notifications for the lottery, so you will never miss a result.

  14. Thank you @admin for working to fix the problems for the Lottery game.

    I look forward to learning more about ti and seeing how it works.

  15. @admin why does all the drawings have the same date and time..

    I am so confused on the winning numbers..

    And more confused that I can not see the numbers I choose for each different drawing..

    Could you help us understand it or break it down better for us to understand?

    • There should be one column that shows me the numbers I choose for each drawing. And it should go beside the Winning numbers column.

  16. Dear @admin ? What it means that “It is not possible to play this lottery right now” ???
    At this time 1:13 AM (according to my time zone) 27 Apr 2016; there is no any button for picking numbers in lottery game. And also mentioned that “it is not possible to play this lottery right now”. Can you also share on which times this game cannot be play…?

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