The meaning and mystery of Remi cards.
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Remi cards are very popular all over the world and is often called playing cards. Many types of gambling games that use playing cards. This card consists of 4 types, spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Each type starts from number 1-10, and Jack, Queen, King. All totaled 13. So in total there are 52 cards, plus the Joker into 53 pieces.

Meaning Images

Jack, Queen, and King has the meaning according to the cultural development. Large alleged cards originated from China. Then in the 14th century this card was adopted in Egypt. From here began to use the card 52. The King is Malik, the Queen is Na’ib Malik (deputy King), and Jack is Thani Na’ib (one level below the deputy). After the playing cards spread in Europe. French who started dividing into spades card, heart, Diamod, and club. Malik, na’ib malik, and thani na’ib changed to King, Queen, Jack. Maknanyapun be changed.
King of spades = King David (David).
King of heart = Charlemagne.
King of diamond = Julius Caesar
King of club = The Great Alexander

Queen of spades = Pallas
Queen of heart = Judith
Queen of diamond = Rachel
Queen of club = Argine

Jack of spade = Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne)
Jack of heart = La Hire (supporter of Joan of Arc)
Jack of Diamod = Hector
Jack of club = Lancelot

Then four types of cards meaningful as the four seasons: Spade = winter, Heart = autumn, Diamond = spring, Club = summer.

Meaning of numbers

52 cards, (5 + 2) = 7, representing 7 days a week there.
52 cards representing a year there are 52 weeks.
Each type of cards consists of 13 cards = number of weeks in a season.
The sum of all the numbers of each type. Example: Spade = 1 (As) + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 (Jack) + 12 (Queen) + 13 (King) = 91. So 91 x 4 (corresponding number of cards) = 364. Plus Jocker be 365. This is the number of days in a year.

Color Meanings

Red = Lunch, Black = Night.

The mystery that has not been revealed until now, namely:
– King of Heart. The only king who does not have a mustache.
– King of Heart. Sword towards his own head, therefore King Heart always dubbed The Suicide King.
– King of Diamond. Seen only one side of the face.
– Queen of Spade. Look to the right, while the other Queen look to the left.
– Queen of Spade. Queen were holding sticks and flowers, while the other Queen simply hold the of flowers.