The meaning and mystery of Remi cards.

Remi cards are very popular all over the world and is often called playing cards. Many types of gambling games that use playing cards. This card consists of 4 types, spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Each type starts from number 1-10, and Jack, Queen, King. All totaled 13. So in total there are 52 cards, plus the Joker into 53 pieces.

Meaning Images

Jack, Queen, and King has the meaning according to the cultural development. Large alleged cards originated from China. Then in the 14th century this card was adopted in Egypt. From here began to use the card 52. The King is Malik, the Queen is Na’ib Malik (deputy King), and Jack is Thani Na’ib (one level below the deputy). After the playing cards spread in Europe. French who started dividing into spades card, heart, Diamod, and club. Malik, na’ib malik, and thani na’ib changed to King, Queen, Jack. Maknanyapun be changed.
King of spades = King David (David).
King of heart = Charlemagne.
King of diamond = Julius Caesar
King of club = The Great Alexander

Queen of spades = Pallas
Queen of heart = Judith
Queen of diamond = Rachel
Queen of club = Argine

Jack of spade = Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne)
Jack of heart = La Hire (supporter of Joan of Arc)
Jack of Diamod = Hector
Jack of club = Lancelot

Then four types of cards meaningful as the four seasons: Spade = winter, Heart = autumn, Diamond = spring, Club = summer.

Meaning of numbers

52 cards, (5 + 2) = 7, representing 7 days a week there.
52 cards representing a year there are 52 weeks.
Each type of cards consists of 13 cards = number of weeks in a season.
The sum of all the numbers of each type. Example: Spade = 1 (As) + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 (Jack) + 12 (Queen) + 13 (King) = 91. So 91 x 4 (corresponding number of cards) = 364. Plus Jocker be 365. This is the number of days in a year.

Color Meanings

Red = Lunch, Black = Night.

The mystery that has not been revealed until now, namely:
– King of Heart. The only king who does not have a mustache.
– King of Heart. Sword towards his own head, therefore King Heart always dubbed The Suicide King.
– King of Diamond. Seen only one side of the face.
– Queen of Spade. Look to the right, while the other Queen look to the left.
– Queen of Spade. Queen were holding sticks and flowers, while the other Queen simply hold the of flowers.

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  1. Miraculously, philosophy applied in the Remi cards by the inventors and creators. A portrayal of nature and human relationships and social life.

    • That’s right Sugih Limit. Playing cards is a great work of artists of the past were very amazing. Hopefully in the future appear like this artwork?

      • I agree that the card game is a work of art that is truly amazing and will never be lost by the time.

        • This artwork will always be there, but the type of game will always evolve with the times.

    • It seem to me that the card filosophy is like a grade in society. From grass root as the lower level, to high king as the highest level. But dont forget, even the lowest number (ace) is taking big part at social life.

      • It could be so. It is the philosophy of social life. Ace is a symbol of the people. Voice of the people is the voice of God. King will be lost when the people were united against him.

  2. good information, it turns out each card has a name, and has its own meaning I only knew ?? whether there is still another mystery of these playing cards ??

    • I believe in playing cards there is still another mystery. If anyone knows, please share here.

      • great the ages of playing cards has created the most widely different types of games to gamble, compared to tools from other gambling games

  3. How does the picture on the card joker … what it means .. ?

    • The Joker came to be represented as a clown or court jester by the 1880s, due to its assumed name and also probably[vague] borrowing from The Fool in tarot cards (predecessors to the French Tarot Nouveau, which depict The Fool as a lute-playing jester, were becoming popular in Europe around the same time).

    • perhaps it symbolizes the devil and angel 🙂 or maybe that symbolize life or death

      • Mbah, while I have not found the opinions of historians who claimed the joker is like that.

  4. Even though I played cards since long time I didn’t know the meaning of its images, colors and numbers thanks for the information.

    • You are welcome. Outside there are also many who do not know the meaning, although almost every day playing cards.

      • It seems for a gambler, the philosophy of the card game was not considered important, the most important thing for them is how to obtain the victory as much as possible

        • An_war. Of course, gamblers do not care about the philosophy and history of playing cards. Motivation gambler solely for profit.

          • The gambler knows winning or losing the game is a matter of course but as minimal as possible to avoid to lose.

    • agree shirish, indeed most people can only play the card alone but they rarely know the meaning of history made the card 🙂

  5. In my area , remi cards most people use it like a tarot card … whether remi cards has its own myth … ?

    • And also the remy card often use by a fortune teller as a media to foreseen someone future..

    • Some historians argue that, playing cards evolved from the tarot cards. And each card has a myth.

    • There are rumors say, during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, Ace of spades spread in the forests of Vietnam, there is also a card installed in the army helmet. The goal is to create fear of Viet Cong soldiers. Because ace Spade, is a symbol of death, and the Viet Cong soldier still believe this myth.

      • But vietnamese won tje war right? So it was myth.. in fact us soldier body bag came along with the ace of spade.

        • That’s right Bernardbear. Attempts to scare the Vietcong had failed.

    • as I know, in fact for himself somewhat different tarot cards with playing cards in general .. due to tarot cards are usually used to predict, while the pure playing cards for the game in gambling

      • Mbach, not only for gambling. In addition to gambling, many ordinary game without betting that uses playing cards. And playing cards are also frequently used in the magic show.

  6. of history made the card, or the remi card seems to indicate that the playing cards are made by the British Empire. have been made with the systematic calculation, year and even season. it is no wonder the card game has dominated in many countries because it is made in accordance with the conditions and life in the world according to the philosophy of the card made.

    • That’s right Mbach. But the funny thing is, there are many gamblers who do not know the meaning of playing cards.

  7. article very interesting and contains the value of history, I really liked this article. in addition to known about the significance of making cards to each symbol listed on the card, but there are secrets that can not be explained from each image of the card. such as
    The mystery that has not been revealed until now items, namely:
    – King of Heart. The only king who does not have a mustache.
    – King of Heart. Sword towards his own head, therefore King Heart always dubbed The Suicide King.
    – King of the Diamond. Seen only one side of the face.
    – Queen of Spade. Look to the right, while the other Queen look to the left.
    – Queen of Spade. Queen were holding sticks and flowers, while the other simply hold the Queen of flowers.
    whether friends here no one can take your own conclusions from each of these secrets?

    • The mystery is unsolved. If anyone knows the answer, please share it here.

  8. Nice article M40N3, thanks for your information about this card. Actually this card is famous to playing Poker right?

    • The mystery is unsolved. If anyone knows the answer, please share it here.

      • I think maybe history about the card (remy cards) just myth not mystery. Because i have read history about card came from europe they mention one of King in the card is King of Solomon.

        • King solomon? How interesting? And perhaps the other 3 king is nebukadhnezar, namroodz, and david? The four greatest king on bible?

          • Ouch, i’m sorry, i was mistaken by named the king david, He’s not the one of four great kings. The other great king named in bible is Alexander The Great, once again, I’m sorry.. my mistake… 😀

    • That’s right Dado. This card is always used to play Poker.

    • I remember when i was a kid, i played remy every saturday night along with kids around my neighborhood. It was a lot of fun,and joy. I miss that time.

      • Remi games are very popular in all circles. Both young and old alike. Very fun to play through the night.

    • playing cards based on the times eventually be used for a variety of card games such as poker, baccarat, black jack and many others

      • That’s right Mbach. Because a lot of games that use it, playing cards beat the popularity of the game of dice.

  9. Great article, I think most people just know how to play it, but do not know the meaning and significance of each of these cards.

    • Thanks for your appreciation. That’s the reality. Instead of ordinary people, even a bookies was not necessarily know.

  10. Who is the inventor of the first in this game ..?

    • Large alleged this game originated in China, but it is not known who the inventor.

  11. Each symbol of the cards representing the 4 pillars in medieval times, namely: Spade represent the military, representing the heart of the church, Diamond representing trade, Club representing agriculture, so a kind of caste. And if you know the various games of cards, you must know that among the four symbol that has the highest value is Spades, may indeed like the order of his caste. what do you think?

    • Some historians think so. Maybe it is the order of castes in the past.

  12. is there who still know the meaning and mystery other than an explanation of playing cards as described above …. ??

    • The only mistery is, how on earth, the ancient people can created that kind of card or game? How genius he or she was? and it also has thouand of tricks, did she or he who invented it, noticed that?

  13. Told In the 14th century, when the card game began to enter Europe, carried by travelers coming from China. The first cards were made in Europe are made in Italy and contains 78 images of paintings are very beautiful. is that true?

    • I haven’t found the opinion of historians as such. The version that I can is, the card is indeed originated from China, and then by Turkey was brought to Europe in the middle ages. Playing cards in Europe already amounted to 52.

  14. While I have only found 5 mystery. Whoever if it finds the mystery new on playing cards, please share here.

  15. There are many types of remi cards that come from different countries .. , remi cards from which country is popular in your country .. ?

    • Remi cards are popular in my country come from China.

  16. cards/remi was uniquely designed and not indiscriminate. This is visible from the meaning of images and number of cards. This proves the card makers have high intelligence and art. Cards/remi is also widely used by magicians and many types of games/gambling using cards/remi. a very interesting article from M40N3.

  17. Thanks for the history behind the cards. Never took time to learn that part as I am to busy trying to win money with them. It makes good table conversation, but how will it improve my game?

    • Will not improve your game. But if you love history, it will be fun.

    • Ardodd, you will improve someday i’m sure, it’s a matter of time, with your experience and intellectual, you will be a better gambler not far in the future

  18. i have play card games in more time. mostly indian 3 patti . but i was not more information in cards. your blig is helpfull for me.

  19. wow fantastis ,i can like it ,help me for information in cards

  20. Well It looks that the theory of card and life is very same. The Lowest level and peak level of life and cards are seem to be identical.Where The Lowest level of ace sometime consider as biggest and huge in social life. commonly the Ace is considered as People symbol. Even sometimes the when the common and weak stands together then there is chance of losing of stronger same is the case for King in cards

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  22. Today I am surprised to know Remi cards also known as Playing cards. But I am not agreed with your statement that, there are 52 total card plus the Joker into 53 cards. I think, and also I have seen this, there are total 52 cards, as well as with addition of 2 Jokers and so, totals cards are 54 not 53. Any how, the one thing that is really a useful for us is that, you give the real meanings of all the cards. Thanks for this. Many new things I learn from your this article.

    • @hafis786 : You play remi card too hafiz? it’s a very interesting game, it’s fun, addicting, and laughable game. I hope someday there’s an online gaming develop this game for fun. I’m sure million will play it..

      • @bernardbear ! Yes. Sometimes we all friends in my village play cards games. But the game that we mostly play is RUNG. We always enjoy while playing. I don’t know the Internationale level rules for this game, but we have our own rules for our convenience.

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