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Keno is an interesting game. Keno is also quite popular, which is why so many casinos offer a Keno table. Not all casinos, however, have Keno to serve up. Even online casinos may be missing the game. The lack of “Keno access” is not a good thing because players end up venturing over to another casino that does have Keno to play. The Miami Club Casino realized it would benefit immensely by having a Keno option for players. The game has now been added to the online gambling emporium’s itinerary.

Specifically, Keno has been added to the Miami Club Casino’s mobile gaming platform. Mobile platforms have a tendency to have far fewer games than the main selection of gaming flash or downloaded software platform. Mobile gaming is incredibly popular so it is somewhat curious why mobile selections are limited.

The Miami Clubs mobile selection tops out at 39 games, a far cry from the 500 or so games online casinos are known to present. (The Miami Club Casino is home to about 120 games) Regardless, anyone who wants to access Keno at the Miami Club Casino’s mobile platform may do so. That means Keno play is possible anywhere the gambler goes with a smartphone or tablet.

Again, games with easy rules are preferred by new gamblers. With mobile platforms, many of the players are younger than the average casino fan. These younger and newer players do not have a history with the more traditional games common in brick and mortar casinos. So, they gravitate towards flashier games or ones with much easier to follow rules. Keno absolutely has very easy to follow rules.

What if you never played Keno before? Why would the inclusion of the game be considered a big deal? Those who took advantage of the game when the casino first offered it know the answers. The Miami Club Casino originally celebrated the arrival of the game with a $10 free bonus. Although it is long past the point when that bonus could be taken advantage of, the game of Keno is still available for play.

Keno is a unique game because it follows a lottery-like rule system. The rules are not hard to follow, and the ease of play makes Keno inviting to many.

The way the game works is a player must select 15 numbers out of the range of 1 – 80. 20 numbers end up being drawn. Payouts are based on just how many correct numbers were selected by the players. Anyone who has a match of all 15 numbers ends up with a massive payout. The payout is a staggering 10,000 to 1. Granted, selecting 15 matches numbers is a tall order, but it can happen. That is the magic of Keno. Doubling a bet requires matching six numbers, which is more than a bit easier than getting 15 matches.

Those who want to try other games at the mobile and online platforms at the Miami Club Casino may most certainly do so. Truly avid casino players may be thrilled to discover there are various tournaments offered and some of these tournaments run upwards of one month long. (Shorter tournaments are available as well) The payouts on the tournaments are fairly impressive. Generous would be an understated description.

The Miami Club Casino also deserves kudos for serving a free platform to those who would like to try out some of the games available for play. Putting up a monetary investment may be a little worrisome to a person who has no experience with online gambling. Even when the rules are easy to follow as is the case with casino, there are those newbies not completely willing to take the plunge and try a game out.

Keno could be one of those games tried out for free. Once a bit of familiarity with the game is felt, moving onto the wagering version won’t require much effort.