The New IGT Fire Horse Slot
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Fire Horse is a new slot game that is very generous when it comes to winning. For one thing, it offers an amazing 720 pay lines. This brings forth tons of chances for players to make huge winnings. This is in fact one of the slot games that will keep people coming back due to all that it offers. For one thing, it offers more pay lines than most other slot games. Another good feature of Fire Horse is the artwork which makes players want to go for a ride through all of the bonus games. IGT has worked passionately on every aspect of the game so that it could provide the most complete experience for the player.

One sign of effort that has been put into the game is the set up of the reels. IGT has worked very hard to come up with a unique slot game. The creativity behind this shows in the way it is set up with the 3-4-5-4-3 set up. Another thing to realize that the reels have not been set up just for the sake of aesthetics. The reels have been set up in order to allow for the activation of the Multiway Extra Feature. So it is not only fashion, but also function that influences the way the reels are set up. One thing about the Multiway Extra Feature is that it brings forth tons of wins in a multitude of ways for the player. The symbols can be matched from any position on the reels. They could either be right to left or left to right which adds up paylines on the game.

To go along with the the 720 lines is the fact that it is not necessary to pay to use all 720 of the pay lines. All that is needed to play the 720 lines is just 50 coins. The maximum bet is 500 coins for every spin. To make things better, there are a ton of hot prizes and bonuses that could be won in the game. These prizes are of course determined by the symbols of the games. Among the symbols of the game are poker symbols which bring about winnings of up to 100 coins. Among the symbols that are worth looking out for are the Ice Horses which have a white appearance and pay up to 300 coins. The symbol that pays the most is the Fire Horse logo which pays 1,000 coins for 5 of them on a winning line. The Wild Logo also substitutes for some of the other symbols to bring in the big winnings.

Another major draw of the game which is the Green Crystal which is a scatter symbol and a strong resemblance to Kryptonite. The Green Crystal will bring forth some great prizes for the player. Three of the crystals will bring forth 2x the betting amount. 10 x the total bet can be achieved by 4 crystals with 5 awarding an amazing 50x the betting total for the player.

Other symbols that are very significant in the game are blue and purple moonstones. What makes the symbols important is that a bonus round can be triggered over and over with the symbols. There is also a bonus of 50x the total bet to go along with 8 free spins. For the player that gets 5 blue moonstones is a total of 50x the bet to go along with 50 free spins.

Fire Horse definitely is a slot game that is worth checking out just for the artwork and the many high earning features that people will be able to enjoy. This game is very easy to win, which is one of the major factors of popularity among players.