The Origin and 3 Types of Gamblers

The term gambling has existed since prehistoric times , and often regarded as old as human civilization . In the Mahabharata it is known that the Pandavas be lost kingdom and banished to the forest for 13 years since losing in gambling games against the Kauravas . Ancient Greece has also been known to gamble , where the gamblers as well as the primitive shamans make predictions into the future by using stones , sticks or animal bones were thrown into the air and fell on the ground .

On the other hand , the ancient Egyptians had a habit of guessing the number of fingers of two people based on odd or even numbers . They tossed a coin and lotteries , which is learned from China . The king like Nero and Claudine considers dice game as an important part in the royal event . In the 14th century , a card game contains 78 images of paintings are very beautiful , In the 15th century the French reduce the number of cards to 56 images .
There are basically three types of gamblers groups, namely:

Social Gambler

The first group is the occasional gambler ever go buy lottery (coupon), betting on horse racing, betting on football games, card games or the other. Gamblers this type generally do not have a negative effect on self and community, because they are generally still able to control the impulses that exist in him. Gambling for them is regarded as a time filler or entertainment purposes only and not risking the majority of their income into gambling.

Problem Gambler

The second group of gambling behavior that can lead to disruption of personal life, family and career, although there is no indication that they are experiencing a psychiatric disorder. These types of gamblers often do gambling as a way to escape from the problems of life. This type of gambler actually has the potential to get into the highest levels of gamblers called pathological gamblers if not promptly recognized and taken action on the real issues at hand.

Pathological Gambler

The third group is karema his inability to escape from the impulses to gamble. They are so obsessed to gamble continuously and an increasing number of bets in gambling without considering the negative effects caused by such behavior, either to himself, family, career, social relations or the surrounding environment.

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  1. I gamble just to expand relationships, and spend leisure time. Am I a social gambler?

    • hehe why not become a true gambler ? wherever you are ready to conduct gambling. consequently course of social relationships you will be more extensive 🙂

    • If we go out to casino, we’ll meet new people. So Yes we can expand our business or private relationship by doing it.

    • I think not m4w0n3 , social ‘re not here to socialize but to gamble because of his social level who crave rich life .

    • I gamble to win money. The social part is good table manner. There is a fine line between Problem and Pathological.

      • I think the fine line is correct word @ardodd, but what did you called your self as a gambler. Do you still facing the same gambling problem now?

  2. @JituHokiJos from the third description you mention in article, i’m going to Social Gambler. For other member can you specify what kind of gambler you are?

    • Social gambler, remind me to national lottery, million of people play it, they hope it will change their faith..

    • I am a Problem gambler that is recovering from pathological addiction. And thanks to social gambling i am on my way to recovery.

  3. Pathological gamblers are very damaging for the family and society. Things like this is what causes bad image to gambling.

    • in spite of it all, if the gambler wins the game and bring the big prize, it would not apply to him a bad image.

    • I can agree with uban. No matter how you look at it if one wins the prize no one looks down on them. Look at most professional gamblers today. Do you hear about how much they lost gambling. No but you can see how much they won just about every gambling site you go to.

    • I thing mental problem in every part of life will bring a bad image of the person him or herself. Even She or She is a praecher.

  4. From the story of the origin of gambling, shows gambling is a tradition handed down. Thus, it is appropriate to be preserved and developed.

  5. gamblers generally considered not good because it has been lost, so the negative impact seen in his life, family, or others. but if the gambler wins the game and brings a great gift, it would not apply to him.

    • But there’s also a good gambler too.. they are robin hood of gambling, they will spend their winning money to the poot people.. you may say it impossible. But i know some of them.

    • That’s right Uban Avatar. When defeated, received verbal abuse, when won, received praise.

  6. if gambling was made livelihood how, including what group of articles you write…?

    • @raden
      i will try answer your question before jitu jos the answer it.

      It seems logical to the second group because of gambling occurs because of problems and eventually become routine becomes income for the family .

      Its right mr.jitu…??

  7. Of the three types of gamblers seems that two types should be avoided so as not to ruin our lives more deeply, that is the type of Problem gambler and Pathological Gambler.

    • Yes, we can avoid it if we consequent to our principle. Gambling is not for life. But just for fun..

    • You really Sugih Lim, There are two types should be avoided in order not to ruin our lives more deeply, that kind of problem and pathological gamblers Gambler.

  8. I am interested in that type of 3rd .. whether it can be cured with a particular therapy .. ?

    • Yes, @Rudz, there’s a cure for it. The medicine is the same type with smoke addiction. It will fight against an addicted hormon that produced by human brain.

  9. Nice explanation about prehistoric existence of gambling and the three types of gamblers I would always prefer to be a social gambler and not the other two.

    • I really agree for u shirish.. I hope for today and beyond maximal only included in the group of social gamblers only.

  10. If playing online gambling is done by neglecting his work in the office about the type who where … ?

    • I think it belongs to the category of number three rudz “Pathological Gambler”

  11. it looks like the worst is no criteria. 3 “Pathological Gambler” as gamblers here very dependence with his gambling habit performed continuously, so forget that he has people around him like friends, family, and he was willing to sacrifice his career for the sake of gambling

    • Medical improvement nowadays has invent a cure for gambling addiction. The medicine it self is the same type for drugs and cigarette addiction.

      • Is it the same type of rehabilitation of drug addicts and gambling addicts … ?

  12. most people tend to want to gamble to improve their economic problems in order to earn a lot of money to get rid of the burden of life, such as point number 2 “Problem Gambler”. but we must be careful in fear that it could end up being counter-attack against us, because if the gamble without careful calculation and good strategy will actually ruin the game even our financial drain.

    • If you are not the expert, then never play gamble for life. It is too risky.. better use your money to other business.. unless you play it for leisure..

      • if we play with a relaxed and did not think that gambling is too risky, will lead to lose to win in the world of gambling is a common thing in his life that will play without the burden

    • @Mbach: Yes agree, and what strategy needs are, you have to mastered the skilled, a lot of experience, and you’re smart enough to stop when it must stop.

  13. Maybe I included into the social gambler, because I love to see the faces tense as gambling.

    • The face and tense look so funny… 😀 kinda smart and kinda dumb. But the eager to win is the greatest aura comeout from every people.

    • I think you belong to the third group vicbro , the proof you want into the group to one .

  14. I myself may be in the category of social gamblers, I think not a few people who belong to the category of Problem Gambler or Pathological Gambler category.

    • not a few people who belong to the problem gamblers category or categories of pathological, but generally will assess themselves into the social category.

  15. I’m sure we all do not want to be included as a gambler category 2 and 3. While some of us do have the same problem. Economy.

    • I want to be an “honest” gambler. Gamble for what you feel, and feel for what you gamble. Never push out of my limit. Just fun and fun..

  16. For a true gambler is preferred to vent the passion that flows in the blood, no matter how much risk should be received, but for the common people would not be wise to follow the passion, without sufficient skills and capital.

  17. If you think online gambling is bad try looking at truckstop and local poker machines places. I looked it up and these machines are suppose to have a 80% payout rate.

    Does that mean it will make you money?

    No it means that the machine pays out 80% of the time. And if you are betting max credits everytime. And all the machine gives you is amount of bet back then you will eventually run out of money.

    But my thing is that when one is in there playing. The sounds of other machines going off and people winning something sets off triggers in the brain and increase the adrinaline. And thus most people will continue to play thinking that it is their turn to win big…

    So what do you consider video poker machines?

    Is it Social,Problem,Pathological????

    • That’s depend of how they end up, then we can decide which one they are..

  18. Most of my life is filled with gambling. In choosing a religion, I bet, go to heaven or hell. In choosing a wife, I bet, happy or miserable. Even in socializing, mutual benefit, or a victim of the association. I’m including a gambler which one?

    • Maybe you include religious-minded gamblers. What do you bet very large. That is, you do not know the outcome today. But you will not be possible to place bets on your last possessions. Faith in your god.

      • We’re not gambling our faith or God. But can you guarantee your self to be a citizen of heaven? From my point of view, no one can. So, Isn’t it a big gamble?

  19. from a variety of criteria gamblers might be a good side and a bad side it all depends on our personal, but there are positive things that can be used as a reference in life. the gambler’s will always be optimistic to win and never give up, if today lost, tomorrow they will gamble again with hopes of becoming a winner

  20. I just think , the types of groups above is for the gambler .
    in my area there are bookies but he never bet on personal preferences so only pair bet others .
    Are the bookies included in one of the above types …?

    • Bookies are special case i think. Because they work on it and live for it. So you cannot called them a gambler. If gambler is the subject, then bookies is an object.

  21. well its nice article covering the history and different type of Gambler.

    I always In favor of gambling activities that are always performed within limits as if the gambling is beyond the limitation then its become the dangerous for gambler himself, for his close friend and relations and even put bad aspects on its social and mind activities as well.

    So social gambling is better and preferable over two other

  22. Generally the Most of the Gamblers Never fallen in category of good person because they have been losing, so the this put negative impact in his life, family, or others, They most probably treated as Pathological gamblers. The gambler that wins most of the get prize or reward, even he is addicted of gambling, never considered as Pathological gambler .

    • @Shahzadmalik: So you consider to categorize gambler into two groups: The winner and the loser, it’s like “the winner takes it all, and the looser standing small?”. I think, at some point of social life, you’re correct because most people judge others from their social grade, -no matter bad they behaviour, as long as they rich, they’re good-. So your opinion is acceptable for me, depend on what social point you view that matter.

  23. You really put the gamblers into very true categories. In my country mostly gamblers are occasional gambler. I have seen such gamblers in my surroundings many times, when they made their bets. As your mentioned 3rd category, I think, these are very dangerous gamblers…. hahahah ! as they can cause a heavy loss for their relatives.

    • I think there is one more category to describe them. But most people deny it. They are Psycho gambler, yes, they exist.. but they hide behind their great lifestyle, They love to gamble people’s life, They love to see bloodbath. I cannot mention who they are.. but probably you know one, but please, just name it in your heart, never say it..

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