The Rise of iGaming and Trading in a Global Economy of Risk

In the past several years, global market performance defined by an improved trade prospectus, and uncertain political events, has had certain impact on the direction of the online gaming, casino apps, and trading platform businesses.

Part of this flux has been driven by investors in emerging and developing economies. In an uncanny moment in time, risks connected to war and unrest are turning online gaming and trading into mammoth industries, as investors abroad attempt to capitalize hedge against devolving national currencies.

Job Creation
In 2014, economists estimate that more jobs will be created in the digital gaming and trading sector than ever before. Web developers and designers involved in the innovation of 2D and 3D gaming and trading sites are on the cutting-edge of art and commerce. How a single animated tile embedded in a fantasy environment designed for gaming or trading is to the overall performance of an industry, is significant once considered in terms of aggregate production.

The more realistic and interactive the animated effect, say gaming and trading analysts, the more likely a website is to capture return users. Induction of role playing and other forms of artistic performance, where users take on the character of a fantasy identity, is also boosting interest in site participation. The fact is that the generation of investors most likely to turn to gaming and online trading are those already immersed in video game culture as a form of recreation.

Developers acknowledge that the right blend of fantasy and realism must be present to promote return users. If the entire goal of the online gaming and trading economy is to merge the world of desire with the practice of market transaction, scripting of those environments must be agile and innovative enough to establish a graphical interface that is both fun, as well as functional enough to reinforce confidence in financial decision making.

Web development companies recruit from both experienced and entry level game developer pools for this reason. The fact is that companies vested in maintaining leadership in the online gaming and trading sector are pressed to incorporate both experienced and new creative in formation of original concepts.
Graphic design abilities are a priority, yet repertoire of aesthetics, storyline, and mechanics are also fundamental to the sell and function of a platform over similar sites.

Developer Trends
The emergence of casino apps has had substantial impact on the delivery of i-Gaming services, as gaming companies add cross-portability to exchange. The introduction of smartphone and mobile device applications for gaming and trading has increased the volume of users as gamers and trader are offered unmitigated access to platforms for bidding and buy and sell operations, as workers liberated by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in the workplace can now engage during break.

Introduction of new engineering tools for testing of iGaming and online trading infrastructure by manufacturers, has also led to better and more agile design-in applications, making updates more streamlined than previously. Engineering toolbox applications have accelerated the developer process, so that release of new platforms is more rapid than before.

The launch of independent test labs in online gaming and trading industries enables companies to assess user interface and other criteria important to the integrity of those platforms. If a growing number of consumers are questioning the proliferation of risk in online gaming, companies will clearly need to demonstrate credibility and reliability in operations. Without proper testing and certification by an independent test lab, many gamers and traders are likely to deselect a platform as a designated site.

Consumers desire access to the latest and most exciting gaming and trading environments online, say industry experts. While this is not to say that uncertainties do not exist, the lines intersecting gaming and trading are becoming blurred. As ‘bricks and mortar’ casino and trading floors are replaced with digital infrastructure, it is highly probable that users will see hybrid environments distinct from the traditional separation between gaming and trading.

Gamer and trader assurance that a casino or trading platform or app is safe is generally the main requirement for most users. Not surprisingly, developer companies are taking advantage of the greater affordability, flexibility and profitability offered in creation and operation of online gaming and trading websites over the more costly and regulated traditional exchange environment of the casino or brokerage house.

Market Forecast
In the mid-2000s, economist predictions that total casino gaming revenue in the United States would be expected to grow at a 3.6 percent rate have been surpassed. In spite of the global economic crisis of 2008, the expansion of the online casino and trading sectors has boomed. Expansion of online casino gaming has been met by private, regional, and tribal casino planning commissions, generating billions of dollars in response to launch of these sites.

Capacity building in the app developer sector is almost limitless. Moreover, the online gaming and sectors are just now undergoing regulatory review. While the exclusivity of branded platforms and applications adds complexity to the regulatory task, the extent by which uniqueness contributes to regulatory consideration in formation of legislative rule provision, is undefined within these sectors at present.

Online casino and trading platform developers acknowledge that the time frame for creating new sites from point of research and development, to the moment a platform goes live, is relatively short compared to other infrastructure, yet time to market does not necessarily reflect broader issues that may be considered in policy. Furthermore, regional and national jurisdictional constraints have much to do with the implementation of rules on the development, sale, and use of online gaming and trading platforms.

With the increased adoption of BYOD iGaming and trading, companies have been forced to address the network security issue. The security risk posed by hacking of gaming and trading accounts is predicted to be a top priority in near future regulatory consideration, as well as in the internal policies of those operators offering services.


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