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The Vegas Mobile Casino has made a powerful name for itself in the world of gaming in the United Kingdom. The gambling industry in the United Kingdom is a huge one and generates billions of dollars. Slot games have proven to be very popular for scores of different mobile casino companies. The Vegas Mobile Casino is hoping to expand its slots games to clients by working with the designer IGT. May of 2016 will be known for the massive release of several different IGT slot games on the Vegas Mobile Casino platform.

The current state of slot games is different now than it was in years past.

Mobile slots have to be unique and appealing in order to draw interest from would-be players. Slots are a staple in all traditional casinos. For many decades, slot games were the big money makers for casinos. Today, they still do exceptionally well but are popular with a mostly older demographic. Younger persons, people who grew up on a steady diet of computers, smartphones, and video games do not find slot machines all that interesting. The solution here is to make slot games more interesting to them. Exceptional design and innovative themes could help with this cause. Most definitely, the mobile versions of slot games have to embody such traits.

IGT is a solid developer of games and the releases bearing the IGT brand are definitely going to thrill all sorts of different slot fans. There are a few very interesting slot games for both new and long-time players.

The 100,000 Pyramid, a slot based on the classic television game show of a different generation, has a true retro look to it. Retro has a fun quaint quality to it. The look may appeal to those who are new to mobile gaming, but not to slots. A game based on Dungeons and Dragons is an interesting arrival. The slot game is based on the classic roleplaying fantasy series of games and should attract pop culture fans. Western Belles has a classic “cowboy movie” feel to it. Other games include Lil’ Lady and Shamrockers: Eire to Rock. Shamrockers definitely has a lot of potential to appeal to younger players.

A representative from the company has been very forthcoming about company opinions on the game. The representative, a marketing manager, has stated the quality of these games is really high. Both audio and video on the slots are outstanding. A lot of work went into crafting the themes for the games. Themes add to the overall fun experience of playing a slot game. The developers of all these various games know this. Hence, the themes are really excellent.

Graphics mean a lot, too. Dull graphics make for a dull playing experience. Sharp, detailed graphics that display outstanding illustrations are more than just easy on the eyes. The graphics add to the experience by drawing the player into the wondrous world of the slot games. Yes, great slot games do have an escapist component to them.

The marketing manager even went so far as to call the games “hits” in waiting. Boasting by executives is rare because no one ever knows just how the public is going to react. Management must really be thrilled with the look and performance of the slots.

A lot of buzz is being generated, and players are going to weigh in soon. Their opinions are the ones that count the most. Likely, they are going to agree with the positive assessments. The Vegas Mobile Casino is a major company. There is no way the casino would release games that were anything less than stellar.